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ESG Watch: How the ‘global stocktake’ will force investors to pull up their socks on climate 

Mike Scott, (Feb 7, 2023)

With few companies having credible plans for the low-carbon transition, the UNFCCC's review of progress since the Paris Agreement will be a wake-up call, reports Mike Scott

How deforestation risk continues to be blind spot for bankers

Mark Hillsdon, (Dec 12, 2022)

Mark Hillsdon reports on how the vast majority of financial institutions that have signed up to net-zero goals are continuing to invest in companies with deforestation in their supply chains

Reality bites as finance firms row back on their climate pledges

Mike Scott, (Dec 12, 2022)

A year after ambitious net zero commitments were made at COP26, the world's second-biggest asset owner has quit GFANZ, and commitment to the energy transition is on shaky ground, reports Mike Scott

Comment: To plug the green economy data gap we need regulators to mandate climate reporting

Cornelia Andersson, (Dec 7, 2022)

With disclosure varying from 98% on the FTSE 100 to 12% for the Russell 2000, voluntary reporting is not working, says Cornelia Andersson of the London Stock Exchange Group

Comment: How companies can lead to make the energy transition work for people and planet

Meredith Sumpter, (Dec 7, 2022)

Meredith Sumpter explains how members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism are putting its private sector guide to the just transition into practice

ESG: The investment world’s troubled teen is forced to grow up

Peyton Fleming, (Dec 6, 2022)

Investment in environment, social and governance funds is approaching $40 trillion this year. But only a fraction is helping to fight climate change, Peyton Fleming reports

Calls grow for companies to disclose nature impacts in bid to plug finance gap

Terry Slavin, (Dec 6, 2022)

For years the nature agenda has taken a back seat to climate for business. As the deepening biodiversity crisis hits bottom lines, companies and investors are trying to catch up. Terry Slavin reports

ESG Watch: Insurers flex muscles by refusing to finance oil and gas ahead of COP27 

Mike Scott, (Oct 31, 2022)

The industry may be the financial services sector driving the most meaningful climate action at the moment. Mike Scott reports

ESG Watch: Banks’ net-zero pledges in the spotlight at Climate Week New York

Mike Scott, (Sep 29, 2022)

NGOs raise fears of backtracking as fossil fuel phase-out language softened. Mike Scott reports

'The backlash to climate-smart investing in the U.S. is based on a blatant lie'

Mindy Lubber, (Aug 30, 2022)

Comment: Investing in ESG isn't a matter of political ideology. It makes sound business sense, says Ceres boss Mindy Lubber

Brands need to put money where their mouths are in fighting nature loss, says CDP’s forests chief

Oliver Balch, (Aug 30, 2022)

Despite pledges to end deforestation, 11 million hectares of tree cover are lost each year. CDP's Thomas Maddox tells Oliver Balch why he thinks developments on reporting on forest risk could help reverse the loss

In the race against time to cut emissions, companies’ supply chains are key

Terry Slavin, (May 24, 2022)

Delegates to Reuters Events' Responsible Business U.S.A. event got into the weeds of the challenges of tackling Scope 3 climate impacts. Terry Slavin reports

‘We all have to get ahead of the curve on sustainability,’ says Ceres boss Mindy Lubber 

Mike Scott, (May 24, 2022)

The SEC’s new climate disclosure rule was top of mind for delegates to Reuters Events’ recent Responsible Business U.S.A conference in New York

Comment: How the UK can deliver on its promise of becoming a ‘net-zero financial centre’

James Alexander, (May 24, 2022)

James Alexander of UKSIF says the UK should replicate the success of offshore wind with the entire green economy

ESG Watch: ‘Writing is on the wall’ for U.S. firms with SEC’s tough new climate reporting rules

Mike Scott, (Apr 27, 2022)

Mike Scott reports on how the requirement to report Scope 3 emissions will have far-reaching implications, even in the face of law suits from the likes of West Virginia

How European and global sustainability standards for corporate reporting can and will converge

Richard Howitt, (Apr 13, 2022)

By Richard Howitt, Senior Advisor at Frank Bold and former CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council

ESG Watch: War in Ukraine sheds harsh new light on sustainable finance

Mike Scott, (Mar 31, 2022)

Key issues such as access to energy, human rights and the rule of law are being challenged as never before, writes Mike Scott

Activist investors vow to keep climate in their sights, despite war in Ukraine

Mike Scott, (Mar 17, 2022)

Mike Scott reports on the new breed of shareholder activists, like Engine No. 1, who are focused on accelerating the energy transition from inside companies

What will SEC’s climate disclosure rules mean for U.S. companies?

Mike Scott, (Mar 1, 2022)

Mike Scott assesses the implications for listed firms as the U.S. regulator prepares to follow Europe, New Zealand and Hong Kong in making made climate-related disclosure mandatory