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How to unlock the banking sector’s potential to address climate change

Maarten Vleeschhouwer, (Sep 25, 2020)

Comment: Maarten Vleeschhouwer of the 2° Investing Initiative and Antoni Ballabriga of BBVA look at how banks are responding to the challenge to play a central role in achieving the Paris Agreement goals

Claire O'Neill: ‘Companies are more ambitious on climate change than many governments’

Terry Slavin, (Sep 14, 2020)

In an interview with Terry Slavin, the high-profile former UK energy minister explains why nature-based solutions are high on her agenda as WBCSD’s new director for energy and climate, and the importance of the UK remaining aligned with the EU on climate post-Brexit

Reuters Events announces shortlist for 11th annual Responsible Business Awards

Native Ad, (Sep 8, 2020)

Kimberly Clark, ReNew Energy, Maersk, The NatWest Group, Aviva, Dow, UPS, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ABN AMRO are among 80+ nominees being shortlisted for this year’s Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards

Drifting towards disaster: The Ethical Corporation magazine does a deep dive into oceans

Terry Slavin, (Sep 1, 2020)

With 82% of fish being removed faster than they can repopulate and climate change and acidification reducing the oceans' ability to absorb carbon, a crucial planetary life support system is in crisis. In the September issue we assess progress on efforts to rescue oceans in some of the key battlegrounds, from over-fishing to aquaculture, blue finance, microfibre pollution and offshore renewables

ESG investors slow to make waves in the $2.5tn ocean economy

Mike Scott, (Aug 30, 2020)

While investor interest in 'blue finance' for the conservation and sustainable use of oceans is growing, challenges including the opacity of ownership of companies in the seafood sector means it is still a drop in the ocean, writes Mike Scott

From invisible hand to invisible heart: Ronald Cohen’s plan to rewire capitalism

Oliver Balch, (Aug 12, 2020)

Oliver Balch talks to the veteran British impact financier about how impact-weighted accounting would price in negative environmental and social externalities and create a virtuous race to the top

‘As companies reopen post-pandemic, it is critical that they foster a speak-up culture’

Emily Miner, (Jul 21, 2020)

Comment: LRN Corporation’s Emily Miner says the next six months will put corporate commitments to ethics and compliance to the test

Why China is key in the battle against palm oil deforestation

Morgan Gillespy, (Jul 21, 2020)

As the world’s second biggest buyers of palm oil, Chinese companies are coming under growing pressure from consumers, brands and investors to source this risky commodity more sustainably, says CDP’s Morgan Gillespy

Fighting climate change and labour rights abuses ‘two sides of the same coin’ for Sharan Burrow

Oliver Balch, (Jul 17, 2020)

In this in-depth interview, Oliver Balch speaks to the ITUC's general secretary about why we can’t protect the planet without also protecting workers with a new social contract for the post-Covid 19 era

Jumpstarting a resilient economy

Sponsored content, (Jul 15, 2020)

Sponsored content: Technology holds the key to a green recovery, writes Christopher Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise

New-look magazine takes pulse of energy transition amid Covid-19

Terry Slavin, (Jul 14, 2020)

In our July/August issue, The Ethical Corporation looks at how corporate renewable power purchasing in helping to keep growth aloft, why Europe is pinning its hopes on hydrogen, hydropower's green makeover, advances in vehicle-to-grid technology, progress on electrifying aviation, and how lithium battery potential is heating up the geothermal market

‘Bravery and bold thinking are key to reaching SDG7 goal of energy access for all’

Harriet Lamb, (Jul 14, 2020)

Comment: Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb explains why frontline clean energy enterprises in developing countries can’t must not be allowed to fail, despite the grave danger they face because of Covid-19

Watch on demand: Communicating about sustainability post Covid-19

Conference Recording, (Jul 8, 2020)

In this panel discussion at Reuters Events’ recent Virtual Sustainable Business Week, leaders from BlackRock, L’Oréal and Porter Novelli talked about how the pandemic has changed how companies communicate on purpose

Europe hitches zero-carbon star to hydrogen

Angeli Mehta, (Jul 6, 2020)

Updated: The European Commission has just announced its strategy to kickstart a long-awaited hydrogen economy in Europe as part of its Covid-19 recovery package. Angeli Mehta reports on how the ‘future fuel’ is on the threshold of lift-off

Growing evidence of record-high deforestation throws spotlight on role of investors

Oliver Balch, (Jul 6, 2020)

In the first part of his Cheat Sheet analysis of sustainability news, Oliver Balch looks at data from Planet Tracker showing agriculture funds failing to address deforestation risk, a new guide for ESG investors from Ceres, Syngenta’s Green Growth Plan, and how a fashion industry effort to source sustainable viscose has won backing from Amazon

Watch on demand: Aviva’s Steve Waygood announces new climate finance platform

Conference Recording, (Jun 30, 2020)

At our recent Virtual Responsible Business Week Steve Waygood, chief responsible investment officer at Aviva, shared the new International Platform for Climate Finance, bringing together central bankers, finance ministers and CEOs from some of the largest finance institutions for the first time

'Companies that pay attention to people in their supply chains will lead the recovery from Covid-19'

Pauliina Murphy, (Jun 18, 2020)

Comment: Pauliina Murphy of the World Benchmarking Alliance says hitting the pause button on the global economy has highlighted societal demands for more transparency from companies on their social, economic and environmental sustainability

How IKEA is squeezing circularity into a flat-pack

Oliver Balch, (Jun 16, 2020)

Oliver Balch speaks to Pia Heidenmark Cook, chief sustainability officer for the world’s largest furniture retailer, about its ambition to achieve 100% recycled and renewable material in its products

'To truly 'build back better', companies should be more transparent about their workforce practices

James Coldwell, (Jun 15, 2020)

The Workforce Disclosure Initiative offers firms a way to demonstrate how they intend to look after employees and suppliers in the months and years to come, says ShareAction's James Coldwell

'Why cows could be the new coal in the wake of Covid-19'

Elliot Teperman, (Jun 11, 2020)

Comment: With livestock now ranked with coal as the two most precarious commodities by Goldman Sachs, Elliot Teperman of FAIRR says ESG investors are pushing for sweeping changes to the industrialised model of animal production to avoid future pandemics