Research Reports

State of Responsible Business 2016

The “State of Responsible Business Report” is a follow up to the ground-breaking survey conducted by Ethical Corporation last year, which paints a comprehensive picture of global business sustainability. Find out how and if progress has been made with this summary report of the responses of over 2,000 sustainable business professionals.

Monitoring social impact - How does business measure up?

Discover how monitoring your social impact more effectively will provide you with a competitive edge and build trust

Circular Economy Report 2015: Making the Circular Economy Work for Your Business

Find out how to implement a circular approach to your own business model, realise new business opportunities, and save money as you do

Licence to Legacy: Life Cycle Management and Social Impact in the Extractives Sector

Discover the benefits of an integrated approach to Life Cycle Management

The State of CSR in North and Latin America

This 31-page intelligence briefing gives insight into the diverse approaches of responsible business and corporate responsibility throughout North and Latin America

Sustainability Commercialised

Learn how to commercialise sustainability to become a smart, innovative and profitable company.

How to embed sustainability in management processes

Learn how to fully embed sustainability within your company to save money, eliminate risk and generate new business.

Communications, Campaigns and Social Media - How companies respond to consumers and activists in a crisis

This detailed business intelligence report will help you learn how to utilise social media to preserve and enhance your company’s reputation. It is a great tool to help ensure you and your company are prepared for all types of online activity.

Smart Strategy for Sustainable Business

This report will help you shape and drive your company’s sustainable strategy. It will also provide you with the necessary tools to sell the benefits sustainability to all internal stakeholders.

The state of Responsible Business in Europe

This 63-page report will give you a detailed overview the diverse approaches of responsible business and corporate responsibility throughout Europe.

How to measure socio-economic impact

A must-have guide for companies operating in emerging markets and delicate environments.

Unlocking the profit in water savings

Learn how big companies manage water risk and discover the many business opportunities in doing so.

The Guide to Industry Initiatives in CSR

Get the inside track from some of the world's key ethical voluntary initiatives.

How to embed corporate responsibility across different parts of your company

This report will help you to implement winning methods for encouraging and monitoring corporate social responsibility in operational departments.

Corporate perspectives on 'CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme'

A hands on management briefing on real life ways big UK companies cut carbon, and their costs. A concise but comprehensive introduction to DECC's new scheme: the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Learn how the FT500 companies calculate and verify their GHG emissions.

Best Practices for Designing Effective Ethics Programmes

Learn best practice from leading global companies to help build your company’s ethics programme.

Essential Strategies for Effective Emissions Trading and Offsetting

This report has everything you need to develop your company's emissions trading and offsetting strategy. It features case studies from 13 multi-national companies, across several industries.

Conducting Ethical Business in China

2 extensive research reports on counter corruption in your supply chains and ethics, compliance and anti-corruption.

Business Ethics and Compliance in Russia

Learn how to develop local compliance strategies & overcome corruption challenges.