About us:

Our mission is to help businesses around the globe do the right thing by their customers and the world. We believe this is not only how to guarantee a future for all, but makes good business sense. We serve sustainability, communications, supply chain and ESG with topical and insightful business intelligence and meeting places.

We provide business intelligence to more than 3,000 multinational companies every year. Our customers are also NGOs, think-tanks, academia, governments and consultancies. We publish the leading responsible business magazine, website, and research reports. Our conferences are widely recognised as the best in the field bringing together CEOs, heads of business, ESG investors and public bodies to shape the future of responsible business. We're a part of Reuters Events and based in London. 

Brand values:

Our values are what we hold dear. They help form our beliefs, culture and are what guide our thoughts, interactions and goals.

We excel in all we do - We aim to deliver the best in all that we do. We are focussed on meeting the needs
and expectations of our customers.

We’re passionate - We are determined to make responsible and sustainable business the norm. We want a more ethical world and believe it requires all organisations and corporations working together to one common goal.

We act with integrity - We pride ourselves on building and fostering relationships with partners that share our vision. Our relationships are built on trust and honesty.

Our products:

Our digital magazine and website - Our digital magazine is published twelve times a year. We love it. There's over 70 pages every issue. That's 800+ pages a year of independent, critically constructive analysis of global corporate responsibility and ethical issues. All the articles are on this website, on the homepage and in the archive. We publish independent business journalism and commentary that you can't get anywhere else. We also publish almost daily on Ethicalcorp.com

Our conferences - Our flagship conference is called the Responsible Business Summit. We host it during the first week of May each year in London and we’ve expanded it to North America and Asia. Our other conferences are all very focused on key corporate responsibility management issues. These include reporting, supply chains, heavy industry and other issue or sector based area.

The conferences are about two things: Strategy, and Management. We usually discuss strategy on the first morning, and then spend a day and a half on management of difficult CR issues. We use corporate case studies and select only the best companies as speakers. All of our conference agendas are rooted in in-depth research undertaken in cooperation with our corporate customers and other key stakeholders. Click here for more event information.

Our research, debate, workshop and other products - Every year, Reuters Events produces a number of independent research reports which we then sell on to our customers. These reports are always about how strategy is being implemented by leading companies in the sector.

Recent reports have included water use reduction, socio-economic impact assessments and how companies embed corporate responsibility into business operations. We are working hard to produce even more. We also have a variety of other products available for corporate customers and service providers to industry.

Promotion possibilities - Reuters Events has an engaged community of over 100,000 business professionals, NGOs, academics and governments. We offer the ability for companies to promote their corporate responsibility and sustainability reports through our dedicated CR Reporting Showcase channel

We also offer the ability for companies to share their activities through dedicated communication channels. These include: only webinar debates with leading experts, supported editorial articles and in-depth features. We work with leading companies such as PepsiCo, Cargill Truvia and Microsoft to offer corporate supported analysis of a particular issue. We ensure distribution to tens of thousands of readers and opinion formers around the world, from our database. More information can be found here

For prices and availability contact Harshi Joshi on +44 (0)207 375 7235 or send an email to subs@ethicalcorp.com for more information.

Contact us:

The EC Team can be contacted via email or telephone on +44 (0)20 7375 7212.

Ed Long

Job Role: Senior Events Director

Job Description: Ensure that leading corporate brands and solution providers have the opportunity to engage with our communities.

Particularly passionate about: Moving towards a fairer society

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Once flipped (and caught) 12 beer mats in one go

Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings

Favourite Album: Masterplan, Oasis

Random Fact About You: Used to coach ‘Soccer’ in Texas

+44 (0) 20 7375 7188


Harshi Joshi

Job Role: Key Account Manager

Job Description: Ensuring the ongoing satisfaction of our subscribership and customers, helping to grow the Reuters Events - Sustainable Business brand

Particularly passionate about: Socially responsible investing, ensuring gender equality

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Reaching the summit of mount Kanchenjunga

Favourite Film: I prefer to read

Favourite Album: What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

Random Fact About You: I once zip wired from Spain to Portugal

+44 (0) 20 7375 7235


Liam Dowd

Job Role: Managing Director

Job Description: Setting strategy and vision for Reuters Events - Sustainable Business. My mission is to make responsible and sustainable business the norm and I'm proud to head up a company and team that strives for this future goal

Particularly passionate about: Environmental – ensuring this era is remembered as the time humans became custodians of the earth, Social – improving the imbalance of wealth and health around the globe, Governance – going beyond legal and making companies do the right thing morally.

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Running the London marathon three times, most recent in 3 hours 20 minutes minute mark and more importantly raising over £9,500 for charity

Favourite Film: The Usual Suspects

Favourite Album: Wu Tang Clan – Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

Random Fact About You: Played in the Swamp Soccer World Cup – we reached the quarter finals

Krina Amin

Job Role: Head of Strategy

Job Description: I have been at the company since 2014 and have since led the flagship European Summit for 2 years, and am now heading up the strategy for our global events

Particularly passionate about: Creating culture change

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Reaching the Summit of Mt Fuji after 12 hours of hardcore trekking in the night!

Favourite Film: Mrs Doubtfire

Favourite Album: The xx’s ‘coexist’ and first album

Random Fact About You: I had an exhibition of figurative oil paintings at the OXO Tower last year (I’m a closet artist)

+44 (0) 20 7375 7508


Terry Slavin

Job Role: Editor-in-Chief

Job Description: Working with the team to devise editorial strategy for the magazine each month, commissioning journalists and commentators, and then editing and overseeing the production process. Best of all, I get to choose what I want to write myself.

Particularly passionate about: The planet

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Helping to raise three wonderful children

Favourite Film: The Intouchables by Olivier Nakache

Favourite Album: Moondance by Van Morrison

Random Fact About You: I've ridden some strange steeds in my travels as a journalist: camel trekking in central Australia and Jordan's Wadi Rum, and yaks in the Hindu Kush in northern Pakistan.

Matt Buckingham

Job Role: Business Development Executive

Job Description: Ensure that leading corporate brands and solution providers have the opportunity to engage with our communities.

Particularly passionate about: The Environment

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Sporting events in the name of charity - Walking the Marathon, Charity football matches and more recently Charity boxing.

Favourite Film: American Gangster

Favourite Album: Eclectic taste, any album from Ed Sheeran to Kano - Made in the Manor

Random Fact About You: I’m a twin

James Power

Job Role: Marketing and Partnerships Executive

Job Description: Creating strong and long lasting partnerships between Reuters Events - Sustainable Businessand other companies that share similar goals for the future.

Particularly passionate about: Skateboarding and seeing as much live music as possible

Accomplishment I’m particularly proud of: Bigspin flip back disaster revert in, third try

Favourite Film: Into the Wild

Favourite Album: Saturation II - Brockhampton

Random Fact About You: I didn’t get glasses until 16 and until then just presumed everybody saw leaves on trees as green blurs