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Saving Acorns for Rainy Days

adaptive, (Feb 22, 2016)

Consumer savings software maker Acorns has generated lots of buzz with its nascent app. Co-founder Jeffrey Cruttenden shared his thoughts with OMM’s Robert Gray on the confluence of form and function as the company works with a Nobel Laureate to encourage people to save a few coins, like so many acorns, for less bountiful times ahead.

Mobile Digest: Apple and FBI face off over the future of data privacy

adaptive, (Feb 22, 2016)

The US government gives a major endorsement to self-driving cars, Super Bowl 50 goes mobile, as Apple and the FBI take their data privacy rift global. Andrew Tolve reports.

Intuit, Dell, and Tracx turn social data into actionable intelligence

Mark Kersteen, (Feb 17, 2016)

Social data provides an unrivalled opportunity to gain an in-depth view of your customer, and to develop actionable insights to feed back into your strategy.

Facebook, TaylorMade, Nature’s Bakery, Intuit, and GroupOn share what’s next for their marketing in 2016

Mark Kersteen, (Feb 17, 2016)

We’re going to be getting a lot closer to the customer...

Super Bowl 50 Stadium App Offers Silicon Valley-style Fan Experience

adaptive, (Feb 8, 2016)

Startup VenueNext may hit paydirt and score new customers after its platform powered the NFL’s Super Bowl 50 Stadium App. There’s no bigger stage in North America, especially as the game was played in Silicon Valley at two-year-old Levi’s Stadium.

Rio Olympics Creating Campaign “Season” for Reaching Consumers

adaptive, (Feb 8, 2016)

Brazilian enterprises ranging from media outlets to sustainability efforts are customizing their mobile strategies for the Rio Summer Games as they look to capture a huge captive audience. Camila Fontana has the story from São Paulo.

The X Factor: Designing Lasting and Positive Experiences

adaptive, (Feb 8, 2016)

“Experience” has become a huge focus of tech and consumer companies and in turn, one of the biggest buzzwords of the past few years. Brian Solis, principal analyst with Altimeter Group, spent several years researching and gaining newfound appreciation of what makes a unique and successful experience.

Mobile Digest: With core focus on mobile, Yahoo! gives it one last go

adaptive, (Feb 8, 2016)

Details emerge of a secret Apple virtual reality team, as the Windows Phone dies a slow death and Yahoo! tries to revive itself (again). Andrew Tolve reports.

Saks Vs. Nordstrom: The fight for the Millennial dollar

Matt Pigott, (Feb 3, 2016)

The two retail giants are refocusing to target a more mobile-first, deal-conscious audience with personalized marketing.

"A new era": Talking programmatic strategy with

Brynn Smith-Raska, (Jan 27, 2016)

We recently sat down with Brett to get his advice and hear his personal experiences with programmatic.

How to create compelling content: Advice from FreshDirect, AOL, Digiday, and more

Mark Kersteen, (Jan 27, 2016)

This year’s Incite Summit: East led to a wealth of insights and soundbites.

6 tips for keeping in touch with your B2B customers

Jayne Blake, (Jan 26, 2016)

The best way to cultivate loyalty is regular and meaningful communication.

Adidas's strategy for 2020: Personalization, relationships, and restructured data

Matt Pigott, (Jan 25, 2016)

Things are heating up in the realm of personalized marketing.

Rio Olympics Pose Bandwidth Challenge for Brazilian Carriers

adaptive, (Jan 25, 2016)

Mobile data traffic at the Rio Olympics is expected to be 50 percent greater than at the London 2012 games. Will Brazil’s wireless infrastructure be able to handle it? Camila Fontana reports from São Paulo…

Wearable World Champs in the NBA, Is Super Bowl Sunday Next?

adaptive, (Jan 25, 2016)

Wearables that track steps, jogging sessions and gym visits have changed the way health- and weight-conscious consumers go about their fitness routines. But as Siegfried Mortkowitz reports, a growing number of companies are using mobile technology to disrupt professional sports around the globe.

Whally: Deep Data Dives to Spear Serious Mobile Gamers

adaptive, (Jan 25, 2016)

There’s now a vast ocean of mobile gaming opportunities on various platforms and different payment models but the games trying to stay afloat increasingly need to identify and retain the whales, that is the serious players not only willing to pay to play, but willing to pay in size.

Mobile Digest: Google pays Apple billions for iPhone search supremacy

adaptive, (Jan 25, 2016)

Carmaker GM keeps the pedal down on the ridesharing front, as Exploding Kittens goes viral and court documents reveal that Google pays big bucks to Apple for iPhone default search settings. Andrew Tolve reports.

Social is becoming desiloed: What does that mean for you?

Matt Pigott, (Jan 20, 2016)

In our fifth annual State of Corporate Social Media report, wherein we polled over 1,100 social media and marketing professionals, we’ve noticed some interesting developments.

CMOs from Pearle Vision, Hiscox, AIG debate how to build a brand

Mark Kersteen, (Jan 20, 2016)

At Incite Summit: East, we were fortunate enough to hear some truly thought-provoking discussion from industry leaders about their brand and marketing strategies.

Omnichannel Shopping Boosts Holiday Sales

adaptive, (Jan 11, 2016)

Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. Although 151 million consumers shopped in the Black Friday weekend, which was more than the National Retail Federation expected, overall sales were a little bit disappointing. But as Hans Klis reports, less foot traffic at the malls was offset by more online sales.