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The biggest disruptions of 2016, predicted by marketers

Mark Kersteen, (Sep 25, 2015)

The speakers for Incite Summit: East share what they think are going to be the biggest game-changers over the next year

5 steps to building an emotional connection with your customers

David Howell, (Sep 24, 2015)

Authenticity and personalization are key for connecting with modern customers

Pinterest and Nordstrom team up to imagine the future of shopping

Matt Pigott, (Sep 23, 2015)

Savvy companies that feel they are lacking in either their digital or in-store experience are on the lookout for the next best thing – partnership.

Secure brand affinity through customer service

David Howell, (Sep 22, 2015)

Customers associate good brands with good service, so you can guess what they associate with bad service...

The digital generation, part 5: How to (really) market to Millennials

Matt Pigott, (Sep 18, 2015)

Why is it harder to get Millennials' attention?

National Geographic inspires wanderlust with its latest UGC campaign

Tamsin Oxford, (Sep 17, 2015)

Nat Geo harnessed the passion of amateur photographers for some stunning results

Why you need to align your marketing touchpoints

Matt Pigott, (Sep 16, 2015)

New research from Deloitte, Accenture, Bitkom and the CMO Council shows just how crucial a consistent customer experience has become.

Get a 360° view of your customer to build a 1-1 relationship

David Howell, (Sep 15, 2015)

You need a detailed understanding of each customer to deliver high levels of customer service to all.

Deep Linking: Time to Dive In?

adaptive, (Sep 15, 2015)

Companies have long partnered with complementary businesses, and mobile B2C firms are seeking to ease user friction, and find customers, on smart devices by using deep linking. That is, they seek to let users quickly access information and share it with friends or complete related tasks by using other apps, all without exiting the original app they opened or being forced to open a browser.

Mobile Digest: Apple reimagines iPad for the mobile enterprise

adaptive, (Sep 14, 2015)

Google takes Android Pay live, as Apple debuts the new iPhone 6S and a retooled iPad Pro. Andrew Tolve reports.

LinkedIn's Prasad on Multi-App, Mobile-First Strategies

adaptive, (Sep 13, 2015)

Kiran Prasad, senior director of engineering mobile for LinkedIn, discusses the challenges and rewards of transitioning to mobile first and the company's experiences as it moves towards the mobile moment. He also talks about LinkedIn's multi-app, multi-platform strategy.

Webrooming? Showrooming? They aren't a threat, they're an opportunity

Mark Kersteen, (Sep 11, 2015)

'-Rooming' isn't a surprising trend, it's the natural progression of customer behavior, and it's something marketers can capitalize on.

The digital generation, part 4: The quest for authenticity

Matt Pigott, (Sep 10, 2015)

The newest crop of customers are a diverse and complex mix of personality types and backgrounds, but they're bound by a desire for one thing...

5 ways to make your "boring" product interesting again through marketing

Nick Rojas, (Sep 10, 2015)

It’s always a struggle to get customers to convert. No matter how cool, well-publicized, or reasonably priced your product is, finding the right tools and methods for marketing it is never without its challenges.

The right infrastructure for seamless support

David Howell, (Sep 4, 2015)

In the next extract from our most recent white paper, learn why breaking down silos of customer information is so critical

The digital generation, part 3: AT&T's @SummerBreak is the greatest trick a brand can pull

Matt Pigott, (Sep 2, 2015)

AT&T's clever campaign built real engagement with millennials by giving them control and putting branding on the backburner

Go from customer service to customer experience

David Howell, (Sep 1, 2015)

In this extract from our most recent whitepaper, learn the three keys to winning over customers with personalized, social service

MasterCard Charging into New Payments Era

adaptive, (Sep 1, 2015)

Technology is changing the way consumers pay for goods and services, while offering them more choices and convenience than ever before. That has created a challenging and competitive environment for incumbent payment systems; they must adapt and change technologically or risk becoming obsolete.

Hackers: The Mobile Threat to Back-to-School Shopping

adaptive, (Sep 1, 2015)

Large-scale security breaches and theft of customer data from retailers continues unabated, while consumer fears continue – understandably – to increase. As mobile becomes the dominant online access channel, Susan Kuchinskas examines how merchants will meet the challenge during the back-to-school shopping season.

Fun and games: How Heineken, M&M's, and the US Army craft interactive, gamified experiences

Matt Pigott, (Aug 31, 2015)

It's more than a fad—gamification's success is based in behavioral psychology and math, and it can build heightened connection's with your brand in a competitive landscape.