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The Future of Financial Services: Digital Disruptions Bring Challenges, Opportunities

adaptive, (Oct 17, 2016)

The future of digital banking holds great promise for consumer convenience, innovation, and growth opportunities for legacy institutions as well as startups.

Mobile Digest: Samsung hemorrhages billions as it terminates Galaxy Note 7

adaptive, (Oct 17, 2016)

The Galaxy Note 7 debacle has finally come to an end. Will Samsung rebound? Andrew Tolve reports.

Over 500 Chief Product Officers, SVPs, VPs and Heads of Product, Marketing and UX Designers gather in San Francisco For The Open Mobile Summit

adaptive, (Oct 5, 2016)

SAN FRANCISCO – The 8th annual of the Open Mobile Summit San Francisco 2016 (Nov 29-30), will bring 500 brands to share what it takes to deliver real mobile engagement and retention with a seamless omnichannel experience.

UNICEF Channels the Force & Kid Power to Feed Malnourished Children

adaptive, (Oct 3, 2016)

UNICEF is harnessing the Force in a two-pronged battle against obesity and malnutrition. The U.S. arm of the United Nation’s organization is using Star Wars as part of the UNICEF Kid Power mobile campaign’s theme. UNICEF claims to have created the first Wearable-for-Good (it even trademarked the term).

mHealth Checkup: Developers Aim to Help Apprehensive Users Relax

adaptive, (Oct 3, 2016)

Stress levels are rising and app developers are trying to ease anxiety through a variety of virtual and real-world techniques. Siegfried Mortkowitz reports…

Seriously: Don’t Download the “Best Fiends” Social Mobile Game

adaptive, (Oct 3, 2016)

A negative campaign has had some positive effects for a mobile social gaming platform maker, Seriously. The company’s mobile viral video is notable by warning people “not to download” the game and also for enlisting a network TV star alongside famous YouTube celebrities.

Mobile Digest: Google poised to revolutionize its mobile offerings

adaptive, (Oct 3, 2016)

Google is expected to debut the new Google phone at its Oct. 4 event and may fuse its two operating systems, Android and Chrome, into one. Andrew Tolve reports.

Social Advertising Goes Native on Facebook, Snapchat, Other Platforms

adaptive, (Sep 19, 2016)

Native social advertising is one of the fastest-growing mobile ad formats but are these campaigns scoring with consumers? Susan Kuchinskas reports…

Location-based Mobile Advertising: Is Hijacking Customers a Niche or Bonanza?

adaptive, (Sep 19, 2016)

Meat Pack, a trendy shoe store in Guatemala City uses a novel and audacious marketing strategy to “hijack” customers using short-term offers to lure consumers away from rival stores. Siegfried Mortkowitz reports

Skyhook Scores with Proprietary Mobile Location Services

adaptive, (Sep 19, 2016)

Mobile location services company Skyhook helps companies monitor locations, trigger events, and provide context for consumer behavior. David Barstow, VP of product for Skyhook discusses the company’s unique tracking technology with Open Mobile Media’s Robert Gray...

Mobile Digest: iPhone 7 surges on momentum of global Samsung recall

adaptive, (Sep 19, 2016)

With Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 on fire (literally), all the iPhone 7 had to do was show up to the party. Andrew Tolve reports.

Customer service disruption, part three: never underestimate the power of intangibles...

Matt Pigott, (Sep 18, 2016)

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Customer service disruption, part two: how Southwest and Spotify are spreading real love

Matt Pigott, (Sep 18, 2016)

From Southwest Airlines to Spotify: how a little love goes a long way

Customer service disruption: keeping up with the unicorns

Matt Pigott, (Sep 18, 2016)

The fastest growing companies start with a customer-centric attitude. Discover why keeping up is vital to win the hearts and minds of modern consumers

Apps Lag as Retailers Gear Up for Holiday Retail Season

adaptive, (Sep 6, 2016)

Consumers want mobile shopping. The retailer quandary: a good-enough mobile website; a serviceable app; or a huge investment in a native app. Susan Kuchinskas investigates.

Wilson Goes for Paydirt with Connected NFL Football

adaptive, (Sep 6, 2016)

Wilson Sporting Goods wants to help make virtually any football fans into National Football League quarterbacks. The company, which makes the pro football league’s official game ball, is launching on September 8th what it calls the first connected football.

Mobile Digest: Facebook built a $200-million satellite to deliver mobile connectivity to Africa. It just blew up.

adaptive, (Sep 6, 2016)

Andrew Tolve reports on the SpaceX explosion that dealt Facebook's a vital blow.

More platforms. More devices. How are brands making sense of (and capitalizing on) increasing customer complexity?

Matt Pigott, (Aug 31, 2016)

Read this, the last in our three-part 'marketing attribution’ series

The big data well – how will it be tapped into and capitalized upon?

Matt Pigott, (Aug 24, 2016)

Marketing Attribution: Second in our three-part series

Bandsintown App Takes Music Discovery Business on the Road

adaptive, (Aug 22, 2016)

Bandsintown debuted in 2007 as a service on Facebook alerting users, as the name implies, that there are bands in town that they may care about. Eight years down the road, the mobile-first app boasts tens of millions of active users and more than a quarter of a million artists using the service to reach fans.