By Mark Kersteen - February 17th, 2016

Social data provides an unrivalled opportunity to gain an in-depth view of your customer, and to develop actionable insights to feed back into your strategy.

Last week, we had some of the best minds in social from Intuit, Dell, and Tracx get together to discuss how they're using social data to get results at their organizations. Our speakers shared their insight on collecting and connecting  information across multiple touch points, generating a more comprehensive customer profile, creating an analytics and data-focused culture that extends beyond the IT department, and ensuring that everyone is honing their understanding of your customer. 

Insights derived from social listening and data have huge value to your organization. Developing the right internal processes to ensure that this wealth is being shared quickly and effectively should be a top priority for any social marketer. However, the majority of our audience felt they could be using social data more effectively:

And the majority lacked a strong framework to process and share this data: 

Though they did feel they had a reasonably good understanding of their customers:

Luckily, our speakers were well-prepared to provide some thoughtful answers to how to improve your approach to social data. After a non-stop flood of great questions during the live webinar, we've gone back through and picked out some of the choicest replies from each speaker.

Angela LoSasso, Director of Social Media Marketing, Intuit:

  1. "Social data is the most uncensored source of behavioral insight we have on our customers"
  2. "The main challenge for us has been to overcome the sheer volume of social media data we have to get to the meaningful insights."
  3. "It's crucial to know your audience. Where are your customers participating ? Where are they talkiing? Where are they sharing?"
  4. "It's Management 101: Bring the voice of the customer into everything you do."
  5. "The shortest and best answers to your questions about business and products will come from your customers. 
  6. "Content production is not just marketing and ads, it's identifying what products or solutions make sense for your customers."

Giovanni Tavani, Head of global social media support, Dell:

  1. "The amount of actionable data you can pull from social media is still a drop in the ocean compared to the information that's pouring in across all customer contact points."
  2. "Social media is here to stay. It’s no longer a revolution, it’s a reality."
  3. "We need to foster visibility and credibility in order to translate our company business message. Otherwise, customers will just tune out."
  4. "At Dell, social listening intelligence is extracted and analyzed to drive change and make business decisions based off of those results."

Rebecca Lombardo, Director of Strategic Services, Tracx:

  1. "Leveraging social data means giving people what they want and need, creating content around that, and measuring its performance."
  2. "The framework and method you use to approach your social data is very important."
  3. "The best first step to work with social data: start with your objectives, and ask how your data can get you there."
  4. "Understand who your customers are and where they are sharing, then create your hypothesis"
  5. “Fans and followers on social media make more purchases across the board than those who aren't engaged.”


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