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Tackle social determinants of health via data and community engagement

Maria Aguirre G..., (Nov 3, 2023)

Social determinants of health can blur the safety and efficacy profiles of therapies, making it critical for the pharmaceutical industry to find ways to ease healthcare barriers.

Your 24-month blueprint for market launch success

Maria Aguirre G..., (Oct 27, 2023)

Pharmaceutical companies should have a market launch strategy at least two years before data from a registrational clinical trial is available.
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Improving Pain Management and Mental Health in the Hemophilia Community: Let's Take Action

Maria Aguirre G..., (Oct 25, 2023)

Advocates at the Hemophilia Changemakers Event emphasize holistic well-being for individuals with bleeding disorders, calling for improved pain management and mental health support
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Artificial Intelligence in Practice – How Medical Affairs Can Leverage AI Today 

Maria Aguirre G..., (Oct 24, 2023)

AI is transforming Medical Affairs by analyzing data and generating insights. We gathered experts to discuss its applications in the field.
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How pharma can gain public trust

Maria Aguirre G..., (Oct 13, 2023)

Pharmaceutical companies can combat misinformation and mistrust by placing the patient at the center of their overall strategies – from clinical trials to public outreach.

Driving next best actions using timely data insights

Joseph Constance, (Oct 9, 2023)

The omnichannel era presents new opportunities for pharma to more effectively engage with its customers by identifying next best actions (NBAs) driven by more relevant and timely data insights.
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Engaging the economically disadvantaged

Joseph Constance, (Oct 9, 2023)

Pharma has generally done commendable work when engaging with marginalized and historically poorly-served patient populations, often focusing on ethnicity and the financially disadvantaged.

Meet information demands through modular content

Maria Aguirre G..., (Sep 22, 2023)

Adopting a modular content strategy allows pharmaceutical companies to reuse and adapt information, speeding up content creation cycles without risking personalization.
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Transform patient-driven healthcare: Synthesize RWE and AI 

Maria Aguirre G..., (Sep 7, 2023)

The future of healthcare is here, and it's powered by real-world evidence (RWE) and artificial intelligence (AI), transforming patient care and clinical decision-making.

Genetika+: Transforming Digital Health with Precision Medicine Innovations

Maria Aguirre G..., (Sep 6, 2023)

Pioneering the field of precision medicine, Genetika+ employs state-of-the-art technology to transform extensive datasets into actionable insights, elevating patient outcomes and providing invaluable support to pharmaceutical companies