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Omnichannel: How will pharma get there?

Brian Eastwood, (Nov 8, 2022)

The journey from multichannel to omnichannel requires closer data co-ordination, an agile approach, new metrics and nimbler content management
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Advocacy in Hemophilia: Building the Future by Design

Clare Jackson, (Nov 3, 2022)

Creating a visionary paradigm for the future of hemophilia and rare diseases that disrupts current thinking

Becoming agile in experience measurement 

Andrew Stone, (Sep 13, 2022)

The customer experience is pharma’s new competitive battleground – trust is its key metric, and the prizes will go to the nimble
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Bringing hope in hemophilia

Andrew Stone, (Sep 9, 2022)

By collaborating, gathering compelling global data and sharing knowledge hemophilia advocates are driving fairer and broader access to diagnosis and treatment 
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Clinical trials: Japan’s next chapter

Mary Nishikawa, (Aug 31, 2022)

Post COVID-19, keeping patients at the center of plans for clinical trial design in Japan is vital 

From the Great Resignation to the Great Re-Engagement 

Andrew Stone, (Jul 25, 2022)

In the war for talent, an employee-centered focus on purpose, personal discovery, learning, and innovation is a winning strategy, says medical communications business Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG)

How Pharma can win back its online voice

Andrew Stone, (Jul 5, 2022)

Is your content even a tiny part of the online conversations about your disease and therapeutic areas? A look at the search results might horrify you

Paving the payment path for DTx 

Andrew Stone, (Jun 28, 2022)

The digital therapeutics reimbursement process is maturing but complexity and risk remain to be managed

Decode real-world data opportunities in rare disease

Clare Jackson, (Jun 28, 2022)

Better use of anonymised real-world data (RWD), and a willingness to collaborate broadly with regulators, payers and patients will be key to speeding new cures for rare disease
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Patient services: a digital roadmap

Andrew Stone, (Jun 7, 2022)

Leveraging the full capabilities of digital will enable pharma to transform the patient experience