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Omnichannel: Getting it right

Joseph Constance, (Feb 2, 2024)

Success with omnichannel depends on having the right customer data, analytics, and software.
Patients and Medical

How to synthesise real-world evidence and AI to transform patient-driven healthcare

Joseph Constance, (Feb 2, 2024)

Pharmaceutical companies have more real-world data (RWD) than ever

Omnichannel strategy: a valuable data source for customer profile generation

Anonymous (not verified), (Jan 12, 2024)

An omnichannel approach allows pharma companies to meet customer needs in a targeted way according to any customer’s preferred communication medium.

How pharma leaders expedite market access with cutting edge value frameworks

Nick Taylor, (Jan 10, 2024)

Pharma seeks swift market access for innovative treatments amid evolving regulations, emphasizing collaboration and proactive planning for timely delivery of life-changing therapies.

Cell and gene therapy: supply chain blockages need industry-wide solutions

Anonymous (not verified), (Jan 5, 2024)

Since there is still relatively limited precedence to cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing, there are many opportunities for improvement, specifically in raw material and product supply chains.

Unlocking the potential of patient support programs to yield better outcomes

Joseph Constance, (Jan 4, 2024)

Data-driven personalization, stakeholder engagement, and empathetic understanding of patient experiences are needed to optimize outcomes and improve healthcare journeys

A new frontier: Transforming real world evidence for physicians  

Joseph Constance, (Jan 4, 2024)

There is a vital need to involve physicians, build trust in real-world evidence (RWE), and promote collaboration among stakeholders for improved patient care and research efficacy

Medical affairs: judicious analysis essential amid large datasets

Anonymous (not verified), (Dec 19, 2023)

With the increased use of healthcare technologies, leading to record volumes of data, pharma need to be strategic in extracting insights to drive their marketing strategy.
Patients and Medical

Revolutionizing Hemophilia Advocacy: Unifying Voices for a Brighter Future

Maria Aguirre G..., (Dec 19, 2023)

The landscape of hemophilia care has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent decades, marked by momentous advancements in treatment, shifting societal attitudes, and an expanding scope of advocacy efforts.
Access and Evidence

How pharma is unleashing the benefits of real-world evidence along the value chain

Joseph Constance, (Dec 14, 2023)

Real-world evidence (RWE) is providing a fast track to approval and reimbursement.