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Speeding pharma’s slow sustainability journey

Andrew Stone, (Nov 2, 2021)

There’s much more pharma could and should do to drive positive change in the climate fight and action is no longer optional 

Expanding the horizons of home health

Andrew Stone, (Sep 27, 2021)

Home health is nothing new, but the pandemic has demonstrated the possibilities for new home health models thanks to new tech and new approaches
Access and Evidence

Payers and the ABCs of digital literacy

Katie Osborne, (Sep 24, 2021)

Convincing payers of the value of digital add-ons and of drug/device combinations requires pharma to demonstrate that patients and other stakeholders understand how to use them

Nurturing peer-to-peer interactions in a virtual world  

Lucy Fulford, (Sep 21, 2021)

The serendipitous nature of face-to-face peer interactions is hard to recreate in digital contexts but a focus on small, two-way interactions can yield fruitful peer-to-peer engagement online 
Patients and Medical

Medical Affairs & Social Media: A Brave New World

Andrew Stone, (Sep 17, 2021)

A great majority of healthcare providers now use social media platforms. Medical Affairs teams need to amplify their voice on social media channels – or lose out. 

How well is pharma incubating innovation?

Andrew Stone, (Jul 7, 2021)

Incubators are starting to prove their worth by enabling pharma to explore new tech and by challenging pharma’s internal culture
Access and Evidence

Decoding the patient journey with RWD

Lucy Fulford, (Jul 6, 2021)

Patient real-world data contains a wealth of potentially valuable information for life sciences commercial teams, if they can filter out the noise

Innovating with the wizards of AI

Andrew Stone, (Jul 5, 2021)

New applications for AI are opening up vast possibilities in healthcare if pharma can collaborate to innovate

Unlocking the full potential of biosimilars

Pamela Whitby, (Jul 2, 2021)

The future looks bright for biosimilars in an age of crisis over healthcare affordability

Transforming cancer care through earlier intervention 

Anonymous (not verified), (Jun 24, 2021)

In our Q&A with Dave Fredrickson, we explore the efforts to continue innovating and bringing better care to cancer patients during and beyond the pandemic