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Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 18, 2024, CCIB, Barcelona

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Digital patient engagement finalists revealed

Finalists for Pharma Awards Europe 2024 have been announced for ‘Most Valuable Digital Patient Engagement’, sponsored by Sciensus.

With many amazing examples of innovation and wonderful work across the industry, our panel of expert judges had to decide which entrants have advanced patient outreach and engagement through digital approaches, post-launch. Finalists needed to demonstrate meeting a strong patient need, with their project or initiative being managed to an outstanding level, making a quantifiable, positive impact on patients. 

The awards acknowledge and support the achievements of industry leaders who are driving positive change in healthcare, and we’re proud to support that. We value digital innovation, excellence in service and patient-centricity, and see clear alignment,” says Richard Blyth, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at category sponsor Sciensus.  

We believe digital innovation enables greater patient insights, helping us understand their experience of treatment, its effectiveness and their overall quality of life as they persist with medicines. Those insights can be used to enhance their treatment and achieve better health outcomes for patients," says Blyth.  

Here are the finalists:  

  • Viatris – A Diabetes Age Tool for Patient Empowerment: A qualitative evaluation of a novel communication approach to people with type 2 diabetes to discover ‘Is Your Diabetes Aging you?’ 

  • GSK – Carerhood: A platform that connects a community of carers with engaging content from friendly medical experts, key opinion leaders, to enable carers to rest and take respite. 

  • Takeda – myARwin: An augmented reality-based mobile application supporting hematology patients using IV butterfly needle for self-infusion of medication.  

  • Accord Healthcare: A patient-support app helping oncology patients throughout their cancer journey, offering support and advice to people to aid their physical and mental health.  

  • ViiV Healthcare: An initiative to empower the HIV Community Across Europe, via an iterative omnichannel journey 

Initiatives that leverage data analytics, personalised communication and behavioural insights to drive meaningful interactions are particularly exciting. Solutions that bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and Pharma that foster collaboration will stand out.” says Blyth.  

The winner of this award, plus other categories including Patient Champion Award, Valuable Medical Education/Awareness Initiative Award and more, will be announced at the Awards ceremony in Barcelona on Tuesday, 16 April. For the full list of finalists and to find out more about entering in 2025 - check out the website here.

Thanks to category sponsor Sciensus, who sit at the intersection between patients and medicine. They are dedicated to advancing patient care through innovative healthcare solutions and personalised support for patients with long term conditions, rare diseases and cancer. With 30 years experience, and using 70m patient interactions, they leverage digital technology to play a pivotal role in recognising and promoting patient engagement in their health and medication adherence, which leads to better patient outcomes overall.  

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Pharma 2024

Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 18, 2024, CCIB, Barcelona

Transform Pharma. Reinvent Healthcare. Unlock Access.