Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2024

Nov 4, 2024 - Nov 5, 2024,

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Empowering the community with omnichannel

ViiV Healthcare received the Pharma EU Award for Most Valuable Digital Patient Engagement

The more successful omnichannel strategies focus on the patient-consumer. These approaches meet patients’ needs and address their real health issues. They also empower them to have a voice in their own healthcare. 

At Pharma Awards Europe 2024, ViiV Healthcare shone forth on this front. The company received Pharma Awards’ Most Valuable Digital Patient Engagement Award for its “Empowering the HIV community across Europe – An Iterative Omnichannel Journey” initiative, which is advancing patient outreach and engagement through digital approaches. 

“There’s a big focus on patient engagement at these events, and there seems to be even more of a focus on the digital aspects of that as well. That’s a big part of, what we do at Sciensus,” explains Richard Blyth, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Sciensus, the sponsor of the award. “We believe that it's the best solution for the patient. But it’s not pure digital. We think some human element to (the engagement is) required as well,” he adds. 

 “We’re all about partnering with the community in the HIV space,” says Jane Saunders, CX Transformation Lead, Europe, at ViiV Healthcare. “In that way, we make sure that everything that we deliver to the community is with them in mind. And they've helped us on that journey every step of the way. It’s a really essential component of how we operate.” 

Saunders indicates that ViiV’s omnichannel approach encompasses very established good relationships and networks that have been built up over time. “The origins of our campaign were in Germany. Our patient affairs team in Germany spearheaded this piece of work. They worked very closely in partnership with the (HIV) community in Germany to develop the first wave of the campaign. 

“Then as the European team, we've taken the baton from them, and we're looking to extend the reach of this campaign now across the rest of Europe,” she adds. 

“The key thing that we're doing every step of the way is looking to iterate and drive continuous improvement (in omnichannel) so that we can reach as many people living with HIV as possible, in the right way for them. We look at channel selection, content selection, messaging, and all of the omnichannel mix to make sure that we are delivering for our community. We’re looking to closely understand the digital preferences of our community to make sure that we engage with them in the best way possible,” she explains. 

A recipe for success 
Saunders’ recipe for omnichannel success involves defining and getting close to the community to understand their needs, and then designing the best ways to engage with them. “It’s never going to be a one size fits all,” she notes, indicating that there’s often a human element involved. 

The objective at ViiV is to operate in a cross-functional way, incorporating customer experience (CX) people, the medical team, and the patient affairs leads to look at how they can build and deploy the right mix to reach people -- patient-consumers. 

Movement of empowerment  
“You can't take patient engagement as a given. So it's really about trying to understand what's important to patients that's actually going to keep them coming back to you and keep them engaged in the program. That’s an interesting challenge,” says Blyth. 

“The world of HIV is quite unique. Some of the early learnings that came from the team in Germany were that people living with HIV like to see representation in the campaigns and the content that we developed. The team worked directly with people from the community who boldly put their faces and names to the campaign, and helped create things behind the scenes. In this way, you can build a movement of empowerment, and that's what we set out to achieve,” Saunders says. 

Key to the omnichannel equation is finding the right patients, and ViiV does this by hooking up with advocacy groups and by establishing relationships with as many stakeholders as possible, according to Saunders. 

Rolling out the omnichannel campaign across Europe is next. “We see this very much as a journey. Our mission is to leave no person living with HIV behind us, learning as we go every step of the way. 

“The next wave also involves examining how we can understand more about specific subpopulations who are living with HIV, and how we can best support and empower them to have a voice, so that they know how to represent themselves when they're talking to their HCP, and they can ask for the best care possible. We’ll keep going,” she says. 

Following their win, Richard Blythe spoke with Jane Saunders to share more details. Watch the interview below: 

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Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2024

Nov 4, 2024 - Nov 5, 2024,

Prioritise personalized customer journeys