FREE Webinar: A Commercial Accelerator: Generative AI's Most Immediate Impact on BioPharma

Sep 21, 2023

Attendees: Commercial, Marketing, Sales

In today's fast-moving market, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is presenting unprecedented opportunities in life sciences to streamline processes, enhance engagement, and accelerate growth.

FREE Webinar: Accelerate drug development through patient-centric innovation

Sep 28, 2023

Attendees: Patient Engagement, clinical

Empower Patient-Centric Drug Development: Strategies to Accelerate Access and Engagement in Clinical Trials

FREE Webinar: AI - The Key to Revolutionizing Medical Affairs

Sep 28, 2023

Attendees: Medical Affairs

Hear how Medical Affairs executives are harnessing AI in their engagement and insights strategies

Commercial, Marketing, Medical
Customer Engagement USA 2023

Oct 2, 2023 to Oct 3, 2023

Attendees: Commercial, Marketing, Medical

North America’s leading Pharma Marketing and Commercial event

Pharma Japan 2023

Oct 24, 2023 to Oct 25, 2023


Inspire innovation. Reimagine engagement. Transform patient outcomes.

Workforce Health USA 2023

Nov 7, 2023 to Nov 8, 2023

Attendees: HR, People, Benefits, Rewards, Workforce Planning, Workforce Analytics, DE&I/Healthcare providers/Payors/HR Tech/Policy Makers

The ultimate ‘think-tank’ for the most senior and influential HR leaders

Total Health 2023

Nov 7, 2023 to Nov 8, 2023

Attendees: Health Providers, Payers, Health Tech, Policy Makers, Pharma

Dive into the new era of healthcare

Pharma Digital Health Europe 2023

Nov 9, 2023 to Nov 10, 2023

Attendees: Digital Health

Dominate digital health. Evolve care pathways. Meet patient needs.

Customer Engagement Europe 2023

Nov 9, 2023 to Nov 10, 2023

Attendees: Commercial, Marketing, Medical

Deliver enduring behaviour change with agile, personalised engagement

Pharma & Patient USA 2023

Nov 16, 2023 to Nov 17, 2023

Attendees: Patient Engagement, Patient Advocacy, patient services

Humanize partnerships. Invigorate patient experience.