FREE WEBINAR: Optimize Patient Engagement: Align Initiatives with Patient Preferences

May 29, 2024

Attendees: Patient Engagement

Rethink how patient insights are communicated back to patient

FREE WEBINAR: Neuromarketing: Unlock the Science of Customer Engagement

May 30, 2024

Attendees: Medical Affairs, Marketing, customer engagement

To drive change, build confidence and establish long-term partnerships with HCPs worldwide, we must better understand physicians’ psyche:

Pharma Japan 2024

Sep 25, 2024 to Sep 26, 2024

Attendees: Commercial, Medical, Patient Engagement

Inspire innovation. Reimagine engagement. Transform patient outcomes.

Pharma & Patient USA 2024

Oct 15, 2024 to Oct 16, 2024

Attendees: patient, clinical

Co-create trust. Forge new patient ecosystems.

Pharma Customer Engagement USA 2024

Oct 22, 2024 to Oct 23, 2024

Attendees: Commercial, customer engagement, Medical Affairs

Surpass HCP expectations with purposeful engagement

Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2024

Nov 4, 2024 to Nov 5, 2024

Attendees: Commercial, customer engagement, Medical Affairs

Prioritise personalized customer journeys