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Access and Evidence

From reactive to predictive: Concerto’s new compositions

Andrew Stone, (Apr 10, 2020)

Artificial Intelligence has only just begun to unlock high value innovation. The latest predictive tools will break new ground, says Concerto HealthAI’s Jeff Elton

Moving remote: the post-pandemic clinical trial

Lucy Fulford, (Apr 3, 2020)

Pharma is rapidly adapting its approach to trials in the face of the pandemic and there is great opportunity for far reaching improvements once this is all over
Patients and Medical

How should pharma approach patient collaboration in the 2020s?

Lucy Fulford, (Apr 1, 2020)

Deeper, more holistic, strategic and ‘patient directed’ engagement will be a win for all this coming decade

COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation

Andrew Stone, (Apr 1, 2020)

Digital capabilities are proving their worth in the face of the sudden upheavals driven by the pandemic and ongoing investment will pay dividends, says Bertrand Bodson, Novartis CDO

Leading the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine

Andrew Stone, (Apr 1, 2020)

J&J gives the inside track on the search for a COVID-19 vaccine at eyeforpharma’s Barcelona conference

Virtual Trade Show Best Practices: Intelligent Medical Objects and HiMSS

Paul Schrimpf, (Mar 28, 2020)

A new way of thinking and acting is needed for virtual marketing in the post COVID-19 world, says Paul Schrimpf of management consultant Prophet
Patients and Medical

Patients and RWE: Is this the year?

Tom Disley, (Mar 26, 2020)

There is reason to hope that the long-awaited breakthroughs flowing from patient-generated data are about to happen
Access and Evidence

Evolving HTA frameworks to accelerate innovation

Andrew Stone, (Mar 14, 2020)

Iterative evidence generation and demonstrating value over time could help unlock delays in getting cures out, saving more lives, says Janssen’s Clare Hague
Patients and Medical

Advancing through partnerships

Andrew Stone, (Mar 14, 2020)

Collaboration makes sense on many fronts on our journey to sustainably improve the lives of patients, says Merck’s Chris Round
Patients and Medical

Online hospitals – the journey from East to West

Katie Osborne, (Mar 13, 2020)

Artificial intelligence and digital are already transforming medical service delivery in China and it’s heading west rapidly