Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2024

Nov 4, 2024 - Nov 5, 2024,

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AstraZeneca’s roadmap to an omnichannel customer experience

Data management and governance efficiencies were at the center of AstraZeneca’s accelerated transition to an omnichannel strategy in a bid to boost engagements with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

AstraZeneca has shifted away from a traditional customer engagement approach to an omnichannel strategy to improve customer experience. Data simplification is central in this transformation. To help build omnichannel models, HCP data should be contextualized by asking precise questions on the use case of each data point. This process filters data points that provide actionable insights from the vast amount of collected data.  

Data-driven innovation must be aligned with compliance: robust standardization and governance frameworks should be established from the outset. Buy-in from internal teams is critical to bolster change uptake. Internal teams should be educated on data governance structures in a variety of formats to maximize efficacy and efficiency. Pushback may come as staff may initially view new governance processes as bottlenecks. Clearly explaining the data’s role in meeting business objectives can help teams understand why data governance processes are being implemented.  

AstraZeneca developed a three-step data governance action plan: datasets are first identified and defined, then they are assessed, and finally they are shared with compliance and procurement teams to identify risks. This allows AstraZeneca to consistently meet global standards and guarantees that data is regularly quality checked across the organization. 

Collaboration is key for such a shift. Prior to formulating an omnichannel model, AstraZeneca established a detailed internal communications roadmap. It included, for example, the formation of a quarterly data citizens forums to promote continuous engagement across internal teams. Forums, quarterly reviews, and newsletters can further improve overall transparency and collaboration. Creating a space for internal cross-team information sharing can remove data silos and improve transparency. 

Clear documentation of new practices through a knowledge management framework facilitates cross-organizational collaboration while keeping stakeholders informed of strategic changes. Documentation is crucial to guaranteeing consistency and long-term knowledge continuity in the event of personnel change.  

Partnering with external data service providers can accelerate the omnichannel transition. By evaluating the different stages of data lifecycles and understanding where value is being created, pharma companies can identify and engage with key external partners at each stage and build relationships. AstraZeneca implemented inquiry management systems to quantify and assess the challenges it was facing with data service providers.  

Sharing data governance plans with service providers can streamline the governance process, as external parties can adapt to the new data collection and quality guidelines. Service providers should be engaged early in the process so they can conform to the company’s governance standards from the outset. It is imperative to ensure all stakeholders understand their own responsibilities within the broader governance framework. 

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Actionable Insights: 

  • Precise, contextualized, and standardized data is needed to build omnichannel models: Data and workflow silos should be eliminated to allow for cross-team collaboration 

  • Clear data governance frameworks can help reassure internal teams of the change in approach: Robust feedback mechanisms and a detailed communication roadmap can optimize internal collaboration, communication, and transparency  

  • Companies should build strong relationships with external partners: Sharing data governance frameworks with external data service providers allows a standardized approach from all stakeholders  

Industry Experts Who Contributed:   

All contributors are senior leaders from AstraZeneca  

  • Adell Mendes, Director, Commercial Data Management (Oncology), AstraZeneca 
  • Fransis Utama, Senior Manager, Omnichannel Data Management, AstraZeneca 
  • Helen Brady, Data Acquisition Leader, AstraZeneca 
  • Josh Greenberg, Commercial Data Management Leader, AstraZeneca 
  • Preston Redd, (formerly) Associate Director, Data Acquisition and Optimization, AstraZeneca 
  • Moderator: Ricardo Torres, Managing Partner, Vereti Concepts 

Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2024

Nov 4, 2024 - Nov 5, 2024,

Prioritise personalized customer journeys