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Shortlist Announcement: Corporate Social Media Awards 2016

aaronjackson, (Apr 12, 2016)

Sony, General Motors, Canon, eBay, Ford Motors, Qantas Airways, Dollar Shave Club, Cisco, Jeep, Bud Light, Hyatt, Phillips, Barclay Card, AVG, Dell and Comcast are among finalists being shortlisted for this year’s Corporate Social Media Awards.

Saks Vs. Nordstrom: The fight for the Millennial dollar

Matt Pigott, (Feb 3, 2016)

The two retail giants are refocusing to target a more mobile-first, deal-conscious audience with personalized marketing.

How to create compelling content: Advice from FreshDirect, AOL, Digiday, and more

Mark Kersteen, (Jan 27, 2016)

This year’s Incite Summit: East led to a wealth of insights and soundbites.

6 tips for keeping in touch with your B2B customers

Jayne Blake, (Jan 26, 2016)

The best way to cultivate loyalty is regular and meaningful communication.

How Marks & Spencer puts the Spark into their Christmas marketing

Matt Pigott, (Dec 18, 2015)

M & S doubles down on digital over the holidays, leading to a massive spike in engagement

The Corporate Social Media Awards Announces Call For Entries

aaronjackson, (Dec 18, 2015)

Recognizing and rewarding social media excellence, achievement and innovation within big business.

Adapt to - and Succeed With - New Customers, Tools, and Platforms

adaptive, (Dec 9, 2015)

Update Your approach to Keep Up with Rising Customer Expectations: Your customers are sick of messages that are impersonal, replies that are slow,...

How Toyota, Walmart, and more are marketing to more diverse customers

Matt Pigott, (Dec 8, 2015)

Toyota, Walmart, Target, and McDonald's are taking enormous strides to connect with the next generation of multilingual, multicultural customers

Create and Share Content Your Audience Will Love

adaptive, (Dec 8, 2015)

For more insight on content marketing, check out the Incite Marketing Summit - the best brand-focused marketing conference in 2016! This session...

Maintain a Unified Brand Message Across Multiple Channels

adaptive, (Dec 4, 2015)

Stay On-Message, Regardless of Medium: Set out clear messages for your brand that will work on video, display, and social. Learn Where Your...

Adapt to Mobile and Reach Your Customers Everywhere

adaptive, (Dec 4, 2015)

Mobile Isn’t the Future—It’s the Present: Your audience already spends more time on mobile than in front of the TV. Make sure...

Build Meaningful Connection with a Brand That Stands for Something

adaptive, (Dec 4, 2015)

Build a Strategy: Lay out and act on the principles that are core to your company’s purpose. Align Your Priorities: Gain customer buy-in by...

Achieve Outstanding Business Results Through Effective Digital Experience Environments

adaptive, (Dec 4, 2015)

Enhance Business Outcomes: Foster digital transformation to yield improved business outcomes Meaningful Customer Experience: Anticipate need and...

How I got my start at Incite (despite knowing nothing about marketing)

Kate Frasca, (Nov 17, 2015)

When I started at Incite Group, almost two and a half years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about marketing

Finally understand the entire customer journey

David Howell, (Oct 28, 2015)

Use data gathered across touchpoints to better understand your customers' needs.

Achieve seamless, personalized service across all channels: Customer Service Summit 2015

Mark Kersteen, (Oct 22, 2015)

Insights from Hyatt Hotels, Time Warner Cable, and Conversocial at #CSMCS

Multicultural marketing: don’t misfire with your next campaign

Matt Pigott, (Oct 21, 2015)

Your audience is more diverse than ever, take care to make marketing that's still relevant.

Shopping in 2020: a glimpse at the future of retail

Matt Pigott, (Oct 12, 2015)

Smart mirrors, instant shipping, social shopping—it's not science fiction, it's already happening.