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Society Watch: Drive to make ecocide an international crime gains momentum

Mark Hillsdon, (Feb 7, 2023)

Mark Hillsdon reports on how 27 countries are now actively considering laws to put environmental destruction on a par with war crimes

Policy Watch: Europe beefs up Green Deal in bid to parry Biden’s climate subsidies

Angeli Mehta, (Feb 7, 2023)

Angeli Mehta reports on how Europe is treading a thin line as it tries to boost incentives for low-carbon technologies without distorting its internal market

Holcim and Danone swept up in rising tide of climate litigation

Terry Slavin, (Feb 7, 2023)

In this month's issue of The Sustainable Business Review we also look at Europe's answer to the Inflation Reduction Act, momentum behind making ecocide an international crime, the UNFCCC's Global Stocktake, Europe's crackdown on the chemicals industry, 'nature-positive mining', and why taxing the super-rich is necessary to avoid social breakdown

Brand Watch: Europe turns up heat under chemicals industry to clean up its climate act

Oliver Balch, (Feb 7, 2023)

Brussels has published a transition pathway for the $4.7-trillion-a-year sector, which accounts for 5.8% of global emissions. Oliver Balch reports

Will 2023 be a watershed moment for corporates on addressing water risk?

Terry Slavin, (Jan 11, 2023)

In the latest issue of The Sustainable Business Review, our columnists assess the year ahead, from growing pressure on brands to walk the talk of their net-zero commitments to the rising agenda of nature loss and showing progress on the S in ESG

The five-year search for the right recipe to save forests from cocoa 

Terry Slavin, (Jan 11, 2023)

Despite its lofty ambitions, the Cocoa & Forests Initiative has so far failed to turn the tide on commodity-driven deforestation in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Terry Slavin reports

Can business bridge the yawning gap in finance for nature?

Terry Slavin, (Dec 13, 2022)

In the latest issue of The Ethical Corporation magazine we look at what it will take to raise the trillions of dollars in finance needed to address the climate and nature emergencies

Pact to decarbonise heavy industry through corporate purchasing power picks up steam 

Angeli Mehta, (Dec 12, 2022)

Angeli Mehta reports on the growth of the First Movers Coalition, which has doubled in size in the past year, and expanded to include cement and concrete

‘Get the blend right’ and we can unlock trillions in finance for Global South

Angeli Mehta, (Dec 12, 2022)

Angeli Mehta hears that reducing risk through more innovative blended finance models will be key to attracting the floods of private capital needed to help low-income countries mitigate and adapt to climate change

Reality bites as finance firms row back on their climate pledges

Mike Scott, (Dec 12, 2022)

A year after ambitious net zero commitments were made at COP26, the world's second-biggest asset owner has quit GFANZ, and commitment to the energy transition is on shaky ground, reports Mike Scott

Energy crisis boosts drive to cut emissions from buildings 

Mike Scott, (Dec 12, 2022)

Mike Scott reports on the growing business case for decarbonising the built environment

From climate-smart farming to electric rickshaws: investors look to make an impact 

Mark Hillsdon, (Dec 12, 2022)

Mark Hillsdon reports on the growing appetite to allocate capital in ways that make a difference, but without sacrificing returns

Can fossil fuel industry sell world on ‘net-zero oil’?

Matthew Green, (Dec 6, 2022)

Matthew Green reports on how oil companies are targeting carbon markets to raise finance for large-scale carbon capture and direct air capture projects in a bid to offset their emissions

‘We are sliding from climate crisis to climate disaster,’ says UNEP chief, piercing net-zero froth

Terry Slavin, (Oct 31, 2022)

A cavalcade of reports ahead of next week's COP27 meeting in Sharm el-Sheik highlight the scale of the global warming challenge, and how the data needed to take action is in critically short supply

Policy Watch:  An unfair COP that will likely fail to deliver for Africa

Angeli Mehta, (Oct 31, 2022)

Angeli Mehta reports on expectations that this year’s U.N. climate conference will come up far short of what is urgently needed

Brands failed to meet promises to protect forests. We can’t mess up net-zero, says Nestle ESG chief

Oliver Balch, (Oct 25, 2022)

Oliver Balch meets Rob Cameron, spokesman for the world's biggest packaged food company, and asks him about the company's recipe for reaching net-zero emissions

In conversation with Elizabeth Mrema, the woman seeking a ‘Paris moment’ for nature at COP15

Terry Slavin, (Oct 24, 2022)

The head of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity is also co-chair of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures. She talks to Terry Slavin about how business is supporting her efforts to achieve an ambitious global biodiversity framework in Montreal in December

A week of getting real about the enormity of the climate challenge

Terry Slavin, (Sep 29, 2022)

In the latest issue of The Sustainable Business Review, our columnists analyse some of the latest developments, from the Net-Zero Banking Alliance weakening its language on phasing out fossil fuels, to how the energy crisis is putting the wind in the sails of community energy

Comment: Five ways the world can break the deadlock on funding climate damage

Rachel Kyte, (Sep 29, 2022)

Rachel Kyte, dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University, looks at priorities for urgent action to address the impacts of rising CO2 emissions on vulnerable countries

Society Watch: Energy crisis puts wind in the sails of community renewables push

Mark Hillsdon, (Sep 29, 2022)

Mark Hillsdon reports on how Patagonia has lent its backing to a do-it-yourself form of energy generation that is gaining ground in Europe