The return of the US to global climate leadership is the lead story in our new publication, The Sustainable Business Review. As well as analysis of developments in policy, corporates and investors, we interview WEF's Dominic Waughray, provide takeaways from Reuters Next, and launch a year-long partnership with Signal Climate Analytics looking at the world's 250 biggest GHG emitters

The new U.S. president, Joe Biden, lost no time setting about to repair the social and environmental damage of Trump’s legacy. On the first day behind his desk in the Oval Office he signed executive orders to reverse more than 100 of President Trump’s actions on the environment, cancelled the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, and rejoined the Paris climate accord.–Biden’s inauguration is a fitting subject to lead on in the inaugural edition of The Sustainable Business Review, a new monthly digest of news and analysis from Reuters Events Sustainable Business that will supplement the long-read journalism of The Ethical Corporation magazine, which now goes quarterly.

In this issue Angeli Mehta, who will be writing a monthly column following policy developments around the world, looks at how 2021 will be a defining year for global climate policy. She reviews prospects for Biden to reassert U.S. leadership at COP26 later this year in Glasgow, and to win bipartisan support for a $2tn Green New Deal to decarbonise the U.S. economy and generate jobs.

In his column following developments in sustainable business, Oliver Balch looks at how the oil and gas industry is responding to growing divestment pressure from investors, latest news on the future of work, and human right issues in supply chains, including the failure of a corporate initiative to clean up India’s mica industry.

Mike Scott, meanwhile, analyses the latest news developments in sustainable finance, from the boom in ESG funds, finance firms being urged to join the UN Race to Zero campaign, to biodiversity climbing up the investment agenda.

As Davos goes online this year, Oliver Balch interviews the World Economic Forum’s Dominic Waughray, and hears about the 50-year-old organisation’s approach to bringing about long-term, effective system transformation.

Climate change was high on the agenda at this month’s Reuters Next virtual summit. I sum up the key takeaways for sustainable business.

Throughout 2021, The Sustainable Business Review will be providing analysis looking at the top 250 publicly traded greenhouse gas emitters, using exclusive data from our partners Signal Climate Analytics. We will highlight the decarbonisation leaders and laggards not only on the basis of what they are reporting, but how they are performing against a range of different metrics. First up this month, the top 25 emitters. You can download the new magazine for free by clicking on the cover below.

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