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Weekly Watch: 23 June 2017

Rebecca Ley, (Jun 23, 2017)

BMW back green bus, Burberry awards £3m to RCA, oil giants back carbon tax, HP closes the loop, IKEA tackles food waste, and Dell's 2020 goals

Successfully manage partnerships between indigenous communities and extractives industry

Steve Wade, (Feb 11, 2016)

The Responsible Extractives webinar series kicked off with an hour-long webinar on partnering with local communities. We were privileged to be joined from 2 experts in the area

PolicyWatch – January 2016

Stephen Gardner, (Jan 14, 2016)

Green taxes, climate lawsuit, Amazon deforestation and oil lobbying

Infographic: Sustainability trends in Mining, Oil & Gas

Steven Wade, (Jan 5, 2016)

What is the top challenge for mining, oil and gas sustainability professionals in 2016?

Human Rights within mining, oil and gas

Liam Dowd, (Sep 17, 2015)

Second in our series of whitepaper extracts, this article is taken from the 2015 Responsible Extractives Report

EthicsWatch: Company ownership - EITI

Ellen R Delisio, (Jul 14, 2015)

Company disclosure laws introduced for UK extractives companies

Extractives: Social licence - A mine of challenges

Sam Phipps, (Jun 5, 2015)

When it comes to sustainability in the extractives industry, purists might see a contradiction in terms. But if the interests of local communities are kept central, there is more chance net benefits will follow

EthicsWatch: Transparency – Azerbaijan EITI status downgraded

Ellen R Delisio, (May 6, 2015)

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative joins public criticism of the Azerbaijan government’s repressive political tactics

PolicyWatch – May 2015

Stephen Gardner, (May 5, 2015)

Cleaner waters in China, environmentally-sound video gaming, an end to routine gas flaring and human rights in Vietnam

Press Release: Royal Dutch Shell plc has released its Sustainability Report for 2014

EC Newsdesk, (Apr 10, 2015)

The report covers Shell’s environmental and social performance for the year and outlines the company’s sustainability approach globally

Comment: Industry perspectives on social responsibility in extractives

Steven Wade, (Mar 5, 2015)

The below conclusions are taken from research carried out by Ethical Corporation of 249 professionals working in mining, oil and gas

Case study: The cost of community conflict

Sam Phipps, (Jan 30, 2015)

The direct cost of community conflict in the extractives industry is high, according to a 2014 report by the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI) at Harvard Kennedy School

Case study: PRE’s water shortage solution

Sam Phipps, (Jan 30, 2015)

Pacific Rubiales Energy (PRE), the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production company in Colombia, has adopted a Shared Value Initiative for water usage

Case study: New Gold’s collaborative approach

Sam Phipps, (Jan 30, 2015)

New Gold runs the New Afton Mine in Canada, Mesquite in the US, Peak Mines in Australia and Mexico’s Cerro San Pedro

Commodity prices raise CSR concerns

Sam Phipps, (Jan 30, 2015)

Will sharp price falls and squeezed margins in oil and gold affect producers’ CSR strategies? The picture is mixed, analysts say, with risk mitigation and resource scarcity still concentrating minds across extractive industries

Sustainability news roundup – March 2014

Stephen Gardner, (Mar 5, 2014)

Responsibility for ship-breaking, paying university fees by Bitcoin and are we past peak GM?

Analysis: Arctic 30 – Testing the waters

Eric Marx, (Nov 8, 2013)

Russia’s heavy-handed treatment of activists protesting against Arctic drilling looks to have set the tone for this new battleground

Oil and gas sector – Fossil futures

Oliver Balch, (Mar 7, 2013)

The oil and gas sector is quick to flag up its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, but its strategy for building a low-carbon future lacks scale and urgency