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Ethical Corporation’s newly published Responsible Business Trends Report 2017 highlights that 60% of corporate respondents state their businesses are integrating the SDGs into their business strategy.


Last year, only 46% of our respondents said that their company was looking to engage in the SDGs. Encouragingly, there appears to be a more significant impact and adoption of the opportunities that the SDGs present.

The #RBTrends report, the 3rd iteration of this report, interviewed and surveyed 2,428 professionals within the Ethical Corporation community. It features responses from around the globe from professionals working within brands and NGOs to academia and governments.

The highest rates of engagement were reported by respondents in Asia/Pacific (66%) followed by Europe (59%), and finally North America (56%).


The report then asked those who had responded Yes to our first question on the SDGs, to identify which specific goals they are engaging in. Goal 13 (Climate action) came out on top, with 62% already engaging on meeting this SDG. Goal 3 (Good health and well-being) and Goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth) were the second and third most cited goals with 60% and 58% of our corporate respondents already engaging on them.
Goal 14 (Life below water) and Goal 16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions) were the least cited with 17% and 20% engagement respectively.


This chapter of the report contains further analysis on which SDGs are most popular by region, the level of action since COP21 and whether businesses will be the driving force behind ensuring the Paris Agreement and SDGs are met.

The Responsible Business Trends Report 2017 contains detailed insights and feedback from 2,428 global business professionals. It identifies trends including:

  • The impact of Brexit and Trump on sustainability initiatives

  • Budgets for sustainability activitites

  • CEO perceptions of the value of sustainability to business strategy

  • The ROI being derived from sustainability initiatives

  • Which areas hold the most exciting opportunities for their organisation in 2017

The full report is accessible to Ethical Corporation Subscribers. To purchase a copy of the report or find out more information please contact:

Harshi Joshi
Subscriptions Account Manager
+44 (0) 207 375 7235


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