Responsible sourcing from Mars and VF, an exclusive interview on Natura's take-over of Body Shop, companies integrating SDGs into business strategy plus billionaires and philanthropy all feature in the 5 most read articles of 2017 on

In 2017, we had over 657,000 visitors to This list features the 5 most read articles over the 12-month period.

Many articles in this list are among our longer in-depth features, suggesting that readers set aside time to read them and get to the crux of the issue.

1. Exclusive: ‘Under Natura The Body Shop will return to its activist roots’

A major development in 2017 in all circles of business was the sale €1bn sale of The Body Shop by L’Oréal to Brazil’s Natura Group.

In an exclusive first media interview post sale our Editor Terry Slavin spoke with Christopher Davis, Body Shop’s head of CSR, on why employees were buoyed by a sense that the brand will return to its activist roots.

2. 60% of companies are integrating the SDGs into business strategy

Our annual Responsible Business Trends report found that 60% of companies were looking to integrate the SDGs in their business strategy. A further finding from our 2,428 participants was that the number one SDG that they’re looking to engage in is SDG 13 – Climate Action.

We are currently collecting feedback for our 2018 report. Click here if you’d like to take part in the survey.

3. How billionaire philanthropists could really make an impact

In many respects, 2017 felt like a year where many were looking to understand how or where to deliver positive impacts. In an interesting piece Tom Hall, executive director, head of philanthropy services, at UBS argues that if the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were to put their money into impact investment instead of grants they could make a real contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

4. #SDG1: Mars leads push to lift 500 million farmers from extreme poverty

Mars made a number of ambitious pledges in 2017.

In this detailed piece by our Editor Terry Slavin we look at how the food giant is working with Oxfam on a new collaborative research platform to tackle the endemic poverty that permeates FMCG supply chains.

5. VF Corporation sustainable sourcing: Towards a third way?

As part of our build up to our global Responsible Business Summit Series we interviewed Tom Glaser, vice-president of VF Corporation, to get insights into how one of the world’s largest garment and footwear manufacturers is pursuing a collaborative responsible sourcing strategy.


Over the coming months we will be publishing articles, briefings and whitepapers that delve into the key issues impacting responsible and sustainable business. Click here to see what we have planned for 2018 

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