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Year in Review 2014: R&D

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Jan 2, 2015)

2014 buzzed with discussion on how to make clinical trials more patient centric. We tried to identify key obstacles to patient enrollment and suggested practical solutions on how to overcome them. We also looked at technologies that will revolutionize R&D and celebrated medical breakthroughs.

Astellas Innovation Challenge to Get Young People into STEM

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Nov 25, 2014)

Although STEM offers exciting career prospects, young people shy away from scientific subjects. Astellas Innovation Challenge aims to change that state of affairs while improving pharma’s image.

Hacking into pharma’s R&D model

Ben Adams, (Nov 24, 2014)

The founder of a new co-op biotech company Andrew Hessel talks to eyeforpharma about how he is planting the seed for major change in the way medicines are discovered.

Orphan drugs: Way to go for pharma?

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Oct 23, 2014)

With drying drug pipelines and increasing competition from generics, the orphan drug sector offers several attractions for pharma. Market exclusivity, protocol assistance, and fee reductions are among some of the benefits offered to the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Transforming clinical trials via patient "code halos"

Nagaraja Srivatsan, (Oct 3, 2014)

In response to the many pressures to become more efficient and the increasing scrutiny of regulators and payers to demonstrate real-world evidence that new medications are truly effective, pharma are focusing on how to leverage technology to transform clinical trials.

Putting a Dent in Neglected Diseases

Deirdre Coleman, (Sep 3, 2014)

Steve Jobs once said, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe”. We talk to Flemish researcher, Koen Andries, who has succeeded in putting a considerable dent in the progression of multi-drug resistant TB. Here, he discusses the deadly gap that persists in neglected disease drug development.

New Study Insights: What Works Where for Patient Recruitment and Retention Tools and Techniques

Chris Frega, (Sep 2, 2014)

Patient recruitment and retention has continued to be one of the largest challenges in clinical development for biopharma companies, with most studies experiencing start-up delays and/or completing late.

3 Questions to Joel Beetsch, Vice President of Patient Advocacy, Celgene

Nick de Cent, (Aug 29, 2014)

eyeforpharma asked Joel Beetsch, Vice President of Patient Advocacy at Celgene, 3 questions about how patient centricity is changing the landscape of clinical trials.

Why drugs fail to get approved

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Aug 25, 2014)

Over 12 years, 50%new molecular entities (NMEs) failed to obtain approval when first submitted to the FDA. Some new applications were rejected because of inadequate drug performance, other, however, failed because of, what looks at first glance as, sloppiness.

Using Data to Design and Implement Patient-Centric Enrollment and Retention Strategies

Scott Connor, (Aug 22, 2014)

What sponsor doesn’t want more successful clinical trials – on time, on budget, with quality data?