Operations & Maintenance

Nuclear’s adoption of disruptive technologies to be handled with care

Apr 6, 2021

Artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, blockchain, robotics and drones and Internet of Things could all, potentially, change the nuclear industry forever, but technology that...

EU scientists say nuclear is green; Spain extends Cofrentes' operations

Apr 6, 2021

Our pick of the latest nuclear power news you need to know.

France clears plants to operate up to 50 yrs; GEH creates Canada SMR company

Mar 2, 2021

Our pick of the latest nuclear power news you need to know.

US nuclear community calls for billions more in R&D investment

Mar 2, 2021

Nuclear power is essential in the fight to tackle climate change but the U.S. government needs to invest billions of dollars more in research and development to be most effective,...

US regulators look to license renewals to keep fleet active

Mar 2, 2021

Innovation, a tight decarbonization schedule and long-term operations cost data have helped build the case to extend the current U.S. nuclear fleet lifetimes for a second, and even the...

Spot takes nuclear O&M to parts other robots cannot reach

Dec 22, 2020

Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot Spot walks like a living quadruped, has a small footprint that won’t churn up dust, is easily hosed down and cleaned and may soon be in every nuclear...

3D-printed part loaded into plant for first time; Rolls Royce to sell nuclear I&C business

Dec 8, 2020

Our pick of the latest nuclear power news you need to know.

Fatigue assessment studies aim to extend plant lifespans

Nov 24, 2020

Component durability within a nuclear power station is tested exhaustively in laboratories, but complimentary studies are looking at how the same materials perform within operational...

Refueling in the time of COVID-19

Nov 3, 2020

The coronavirus has turned daily life upside down for most industries, and keeping nuclear power stations running, maintained and refueled has proved its own challenge for operators.

Nuclear looks to hydrogen to pay the bills

Aug 18, 2020

Competition from low-cost natural gas and the falling price of renewables is forcing the nuclear industry to find a paying sideline for existing and planned plants to ensure they are...