Engineering and Construction

Project delayed by pandemic retaken in 2021 at higher cost, while others see indefinite delays

Jan 12, 2021

Covid-19 challenged the biggest petrochemical projects in North America, as it added costs and extended the timeline to works reconsidered last year for resumption in 2021, as well as created conditions that compromised feasibility to the point of forcing...

Repurposing used plastic into road infrastructure could take all waste PET of U.S.

Dec 1, 2020

The founder of a company that worked for years to research ways to repurpose plastic waste into roads said that if its composite asphalt pavement use were to extend beyond parts of Los Angeles across the U.S., it could eventually use up all the waste PET in...

Fluor, Shell-led group discuss delays in North America’s West Coast LNG plant construction

Oct 27, 2020

LNG Canada, a Shell-led joint venture behind the biggest private investment in Canadian history, has fallen behind in construction mostly due to the pandemic, leading the owner and contractor to hold talks, according to Fluor Corp. executives.

LyondellBasell gets to buy from Sasol 50% of cracker, two PE plants at two-thirds of value

Oct 13, 2020

LyondellBasell left aside the financial caution it adhered to since the start of the pandemic to seize an opportunity provided by deteriorated market conditions to buy for two-thirds of the estimated real value a 50% stake in an ethane cracker and two...

Owners share insight on ways to select, compare contractors and use technology in projects

Sep 29, 2020

Choosing the best contract model for tapping a contractor as well as getting them involved early in the first stages of projects can alongside with added transparency through digitalization and standard metrics improve chances of project success.

Petrochemical owner-contractor business model for project construction needs changes

Aug 31, 2020

Signs of financial distress in recent years point a prevailing downstream plant construction model where the increased risk taken by contractors has made them increasingly vulnerable.

Long delayed polyethylene units in U.S. Gulf Coast set to start up but timing won't help

Jul 7, 2020

South Africa-based Sasol will put online by September a 420,000-tonne long-density polyethylene (LDPE) unit in Lake Charles, Louisiana while Taiwan-based Formosa should be on the final stages of completion of a 400,000-tonne LDPE plant it had intended to...