Engineering and Construction

Mexico-based Orbia plans to build integrated chlor alkali PVC capacity in Texas as it anticipates tightening supply

Jul 22, 2023

Orbia, a Mexico City-based firm with global operations that makes goods including specialty PVC and plastic resins, will do its own research to understand the true supply outlook for this resin heavily used in home fixtures and water pipes, and mull the...

2023 LNG market disappoints bullish expectations, big supply increase anticipated by 2027

Jun 19, 2023

LNG prices that peaked in 2022 with the monthly average for the Asian marker at over $54 per MM Btu in August, and had then declined to $30.72 per MM Btu in December 2022, have now dropped to under $10 per MM Btu on average in May 2023 in a plunge that defied...

Canada methanol project canceled in first quarter 2023 amid lackluster demand

Apr 7, 2023

One of the biggest projects in terms of required investment promoted in recent years in Canada, the estimated C$4 billion Nauticol plant in the Alberta province, was canceled in February 2023 as demand for the commodity used as fuel, intermediate for other...

Bolivia’s auto producer Quantum to open in 2023 Mexican plant and aims to offer Mexican-made EVs for about $7,500

Feb 21, 2023

A company named Quantum that has already made and shipped electric vehicles including tricycles, motorcyles and automobiles within Latin America from its home base in Cochabamba, Bolivia, plans to open a plant in Mexico before the end of 2023, the company’s...

Plastic resin producers slowly advance projects amid capacity increases, weak demand

Feb 8, 2023

Dow will continue to hold talks with Canadian authorities over incentives in 2023 with a final decision anticipated by year’s end on a project that would include tripling its ethylene and polyethylene capacity in Alberta, Canada. The work was originally...

InterPipeline’s new PDH unit seen running since mid-January in Canada, polypropylene unit rates to be increased to capacity

Jan 23, 2023

InterPipeline was able to start up its propane dehydrogenator (PDH) unit in its propylene-polypropylene complex near Edmonton, Alberta, by mid-January 2023 and this will result in the startup of production at near full capacity of polypropylene.

NOVA Chemicals completes polyethylene and cracker expansion in Ontario, Canada

Jan 9, 2023

NOVA Chemicals, with production assets in Canada and in Louisiana, and owned by Mubadala Investment Co. from Abu Dhabi, announced in late December 2022 the “mechanical completion” of expanded polyethylene and cracking capacity in Sarnia, Ontario, some 65...