Process Safety & EHS

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency evaluates formaldehyde risks for possible action

Jul 5, 2022

Formaldehyde, an intermediate for plastics, adhesives, pesticides, fertilizers, cosmetics and other products so common that the U.S. biggest chemical guild says may help support as many as a million jobs, is undergoing evaluations at the Environmental...

Two Mexican plastic conglomerates tap windfall earnings to diversify from Mexico

May 9, 2022

Two Mexican plastic conglomerates, Alpek and Orbia, have used a windfall from operations that continued in the first quarter to fund investment involving plant acquisitions and market development far from Mexico, in moves that coincide with a private...

New methanol ships start to change ocean freight amid efforts to replace some bunker fuel and cut down on emissions

Apr 11, 2022

During the next three years there will be an unprecedented number of methanol ship launches for uses including container transportation with the development possible thanks to new methanol engine offerings to help shippers lower emissions compared with diesel...

Mexico´s Pemex faces spike in worker accidents, rising emissions, and declining chemical production

Mar 8, 2022

Mexican state oil company Pemex, which owns six refineries in Mexico as well as the recently transferred Deer Park refinery in Texas, reported in late February that its petrochemical production declined in 2021, a year when worker accidents surged and...

Efforts to produce bio-naphtha for petrochemical plants feedstock grow with light olefins demand

Feb 22, 2022

Honeywell said that in partnership with Italy´s Eni it has developed a bio-naphtha that may replace some hydrocarbon-derived naphtha feedstock.

Global electricity emissions reach new highs along with fossil-fired generation increase

Jan 24, 2022

Global carbon emissions related to electricity generation rose in 2021 in the first increase in three years as some power generators in America, Asia and Europe resorted to the more polluting coal as an alternative to the costlier natural gas.

Canadian government delays ban on single-use plastics to allow for transition period

Jan 11, 2022

The Canadian government announced in late December it will enforce a ban on six types of single-use plastics but has extended the time for implementation to 2022 to allow for more consultations and ease a market adjustment.