The German Travel Consumer 2018

Published on: Mar 2018

The German traveller has rarely been in such good health, with consumer confidence at a post-reunification high and unemployment at a record low. Get the research now and find out how you can appeal to Europe’s most powerful group of travel consumers

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The Future of the Online Travel Giants: Priceline

Published on: Dec 2017

Priceline has outpaced not just its direct competitors but also the likes of Amazon and Apple when it comes to earnings growth in the last decade but can it keep up the pace? Heavily reliant on, pumping vast sums into online advertising and facing renewed competition, there are plenty of challenges. Check out our new report to see what the future has in store ...

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The Future of the Online Travel Giants: Expedia

Published on: Oct 2017

It’s grown to become a juggernaut of the online travel world, dominating the US market and generating more gross bookings than any other company but can it keep its place? Part of a series looking at the largest players in online travel, get the report now and see what the future has in store …

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Chinese Travel Consumer Report 2017-2018

Published on: Oct 2017

There’s a reason China is one of the biggest talking points in travel - every number is staggering: More than 140 million outbound trips, over 4 billion domestic tourism journeys, the highest international per trip spending in the world. You simply can’t afford to ignore it, so get the report now and see how this mega-market will develop.

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The Global Luxury Travel Consumer

Published on: Sep 2017

The luxury traveller already vastly outspends the average consumer and this gap is set to widen as the luxury travel market grows faster than the wider travel market. Get acquainted with these big-spenders through this in-depth report.

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The Mobile in Travel Report Series 2016-2017

Published on: Oct 2016

Through industry and consumer research the Mobile in Travel Report Series will give you the tools to perfect a mobile experience that is right for your brand

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EyeforTravel UK Travel Consumer Report 2016-2017

Published on: Aug 2016

A comprehensive study into the UK travel consumer and the UK travel industry. A must-read for any travel brand working with, or looking to expand into, the UK travel market.

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EyeforTravel Full Year Round-Up and Forecast 2016

Published on: Feb 2016

A wide-reaching look at the state of the travel industry, the technology landscape, and economic analysis of the world’s major markets

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Utilizing User Generated Content

Published on: Dec 2015


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Making a Success

Published on: Jul 2015

Increase direct bookings with this guide on how to build, grow, and optimize your brand’s digital presence.

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Smart Analytics 2015: Identify, Track and Target the Modern Digital Consumer Effectively

Published on: Feb 2015

Research & analysis into online consumer behaviours and best practice for using analytics to boost conversion and retention

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Ancillary Revenues in the Hospitality Industry

Published on: Jan 2015

A comprehensive study into the current and future state of ancillary revenues in the hospitality industry.

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Mobile in the Online Travel Agent and Travel Metasearch Industry Report

Published on: Aug 2014

In-depth analysis on mobile strategies to build a stronger user experience and improved brand experience.

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Mobile in the Airtravel Industry Report 2014

Published on: Jul 2014

A complete review of mobile strategies in the airline and airport business to drive success for your brand

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Mobile in the Hospitality Industry Report 2014

Published on: Jun 2014

The first in a series of three reports looking at how mobile is impacting the marketing and distribution of hotel products, flights and intermedieries. Based on surveying over 20,000 travel consumers and 900 travel executives, the reports will allow you to truly understand mobile. Learn vital data and information as your customer's use of mobile continues to grow. 

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