Webinar: Personalized CX in Travel Cross-Industry Panel

In this webinar we will unite senior executives in the travel industry who are taking leaps to redefine forward thinking and customer-focused CX.

China Travel Market: Trends to Watch in 2018

What are the key trends will define the Chinese travel market in 2018? Alex Hadwick, Head of Research at EyeforTravel, and Gary Bowerman, Director of Check-in Asia, discuss what you should be keeping an eye on this year.

The Chinese Travel Payments Landscape in 2018

China's payments landscape is very different to the West. Discover why this matters, how it is changing and how you can take advantage as a travel brand. This podcast features Gary Bowerman of Check-in Asia.

003 Interview with the Goibibo CEO

EyeforTravel's Shreya Ganapathy speaks to the Goibibo CEO

002 Travel Industry 2016 Outlook

This is an excerpt from Alex's forecasts on the travel industry

001 The Price of Oil and How it Affects the Travel Industry

This week, Alex Hadwick, EyeforTravel's head of research, spoke with Louis Vye from Petrochemical Update to understand how oil prices are affecting the travel industry