Reuters Events is a community of commercial, marketing, digital and data experts that are evolving how travel is sold and customers life time value increasedOur mission is to help the travel industry deliver a winning customer experience that tackles commoditisation, differentiates the brand and drives loyalty.

The end game for the travel industry is to create financially viable organisations that inspire and fulfill the diverse needs of the traveller. However, to deliver an outstanding travel experience, the strength, skills and resources of all partners in the value chain must be respected and understood. At Reuters Events we believe the industry can achieve this goal by focusing on a business model that combines customer insight with great product and, most importantly, places the traveller experience at its core.

What does Reuters Events do?

Launched in 1997 as EyeforTravel, we are an established hub for senior-level travel, transport and hospitality executives to share ideas and stay abreast of technology, marketing, pricing and retail trends that are being driven by rapidly shifting consumer behaviour. By providing our community with commentary, events, reports and other indispensable expert-driven content, we aim to facilitate intelligent dialogue and debate. 

Reuters Events differentiates by gathering opinion and insight directly from travel industry executives across the world, rather than from the mouths of consultants and suppliers. In doing so, we deliver unique, global thought leadership driven by the travel industry for the travel industry, which is available in our fully searchable on-demand library

By thoughtfully responding to the interests of our community, Reuters Events’ goal is to drive positive, tangible results for travel companies and their customers in this fast-evolving industry. 

We cannot do this without you, our community, and we need your help. From helping to shape our event content to filling a speaker or sponsor slot, contributing a feature or opinion to our website or sharing a research idea, there are many ways you can get involved. 

The team at Reuters Events looks forward to hearing from you soon! 

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