The German traveller has rarely been in such good health, with consumer confidence at a post-reunification high and unemployment at a record low. Get the research now and find out how you can appeal to Europe’s most powerful group of travel consumers

Germany is Europe’s most important travel market. It alone accounts for 30% of EU citizen’s overnight stays in foreign countries and is the world’s third largest outbound market. Its travelers are hugely influential, spending more than €130 billion annually on leisure travel, and can fundamentally change a market outlook, as several destinations encountered in 2016.

With such enormous spending power, can you afford not to learn more about this critical travel market?

In order to do to get to grips with German travel behaviors and preferences, alongside market overviews and forecasts, get this report now. 

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  • Detailed analysis of Germany’s economy and its ramifications for consumer travel spending.
  • More than 80 charts, figures and tables of data detailing the state of the German travel consumer.
  • Outbound and domestic travel market overviews and outlooks.
  • A breakdown of the German journey to booking, including lead times, key apps and most popular websites.
  • Age and location breakdowns for key online behaviors, destination preferences and spending.
  • Trends in German device ownership and usage.
  • An overview of the state of Germany’s travel industry.
  • Forecasts and outlooks for technologies, destinations, and market growth.
  • Data taken from more than 80 different sources.
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