Feedback on the Responsible Business Trends 2017 report

The impact of sustainability and corporate social responsibility was front and center at the Responsible Business Summit New York this year, and the conversation continues in this Benchmark Report. The 2017 Report proves to be a very comprehensive encapsulation of global trends and opportunities in the world of sustainable business. This report will provide long-term value that will serve the business world through the peaks and valleys of the economy. Sustainable efforts play a valuable role in corporate social responsibility circles, and I am pleased to be a part of the process to help transform communities, change people’s lives, and help the next generation of leaders and innovation.

At Ford Motor Company, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are part of our strategic planning. Our community work is channeled through the Ford Motor Company Fund, our non-profit organization. We consistently make it our mission to build sustainable communities through our global reach.

We are investing nearly $60 million in community transformation and innovation activities that center on Education, Community Life, and Safe, Smart Mobility. We work with partners around the globe to inspire individuals and communities to innovate, create, and prosper. In collaboration with the nonprofit Global Giving Foundation, Ford Fund is making people’s lives better in 49 markets around the world with innovative programs. Furthermore, we work by developing a base of strategic, deep, and long-term community investments and grassroots efforts in partnership with dealers, employees, local NGOs and governments.

We support hundreds of nonprofits with innovative, sustainable programs that feed the hungry, provide disaster relief, assist military veterans, and celebrate local traditions and diverse cultural activities. In this effort we are supported by our employees who are on the front lines in Ford Fund’s mission to create a better world. Ford Fund works globally by making strategic investments focused on building communities, improving education and promoting driving safely as part of the Operation Better World initiative.

We’ve been building a better world for more than a century, one community, one organization, and one person at a time. As we continue to expand as an auto and mobility company, we will continue to identify and support transformational projects that drive true change.

I am gratified to know that so many company executives share my belief in the areas of CSR and sustainability and the benefits they bring to the growth and competitiveness of companies. I urge everyone to review the survey results within this report and the input from so many creative and dedicated CEOs around the world.

There are still challenges to be addressed as companies strive to drive innovation in a responsible, sustainable manner. At Ford Fund we are committed to continuing to challenge ourselves to create new, innovative programs to empower communities around the world.

Jim G. Vella, President
Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

Click here to access the Responsible Business Trends Report 2017

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