Shell is pleased to announce the publication of the Shell Sustainability Report for 2015

It describes Shell’s progress during 2015 to deliver energy in a responsible way and our contribution to the energy transition.

The Sustainability Report outlines Shell’s global approach to sustainability and covers Shell’s environmental and social performance for the year. The report opens with an introduction from Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer, about the areas that need to be addressed to achieve a low-carbon society.

This is followed by an overview of the topics that matter most to readers including Shell’s role in the energy transition, how Shell manages its operations and its work with partners, such as industry collaborations. Activities during 2015 reviewed in the report include:

  • insight into how Shell runs its operations to avoid harm to people and to manage its impact on the environment;

  • Shell’s work to share benefits where it operates by creating jobs, sourcing from local suppliers and supporting community development projects;

  • the launch of Shell’s carbon capture and storage facility at our oil sands operations in Canada;

  • Shell’s production of cleaner-burning natural gas;

  • insight into Shell’s lower-carbon research and development investments; and

  • Shell’s innovation focus on advanced biofuels, hydrogen-based fuels and other lower-carbon forms of energy.

An External Review Committee of sustainability experts has reviewed and assessed the report for the 11th consecutive year. Their assessment of Shell’s progress, including their key recommendations from the previous year’s sustainability report, is included.

You can visit to access the interactive online version of the report. Further information on Shell’s approach to sustainability is available at:

Shell also invites you to send your comments on the report to:

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