Ethical Corporation have launched an exclusive case study detailing comprehensively the circular economy work of industry-leaders Patagonia.

The California-based outdoor clothing company has always championed sustainability and environmental activism. Now, through innovative programs such as Worn Wear, the company is openly committing to furthering a circular economy model through engagement with its customers.

 “We know that what we do alone is not going to move the sustainability meter because of our size,” Cohen says. “However, we are able to use our size to our advantage and rapidly innovate new materials, technology and ideas and bring them to market.”

The full case study details the salient parts of Patagonia’s strategy, is based upon many hours of desk-based research and contact, and provides productive and useful insight which readers from any variety of industries and sizes will find applicable.

The full report is available here.

This case study was made available as a complimentary download as part of the information exchange in the lead up to the 15th Responsible Business Summit Europe – set to be held in London, June 7-8.


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