Ethical Corporation have released a 50-page comprehensive report highlighting some of the most pertinent focus areas for the CSR community moving towards 2017, with specialist insight from Nestle, Michelin, Unilever and Fedex.

The report tackles sustainability on a national level, looking at how the German government is reinforcing its inaugural low-carbon energy mission with new regulations, taking key insights from those at the forefront of the changes in Berlin.

The report also contains a focus piece on GSK and Save the Children’s award-winning partnership.

Identifying and quantifying social impacts that deliver business benefits is a troublesome task. The 50-page analysis pack contains a detailed overview of a debate with senior executives from Nestle, Fedex, Unilever and WBCSD on how they’re moving from outputs to outcomes and, in so doing, quantifying their social impacts.

An analytical spotlight is turned on the rubber industry: looking at how amid growing biodiversity and human rights concerns, the search for sustainability is becoming ever more crucial. Standout interviews include those with Michelin and Bridgewater on how they are leading the charge for greener alternatives.

Alongside the above, the full pack also includes analysis of the importance of big data in creating a circular economy, making SDGs a force for good in business, and commentary from the regular Ethical Corporation columnists.

You can access the complimentary CSR report here.

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