Paul Simpson, co-founder and former chief executive of CDP, also recognised at awards ceremony celebrating best practice and innovation in sustainable business

On Thursday 13 October, more than 250 business executives from all corners of the world joined Reuters Events at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, for the 13th Responsible Business Awards. 

The diversity on display – both in terms of geography and the working sphere – demonstrated how delivering a clean, more responsible business future is now an international mainstream effort, and opportunity. Winners for this year came from Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Panama, Botswana, USA and UK, making 2022’s awards the most global iteration yet. 

“It’s been inspiring to see the quality and number of entries we’ve received for this year’s Awards. There’s been a lot of new faces join us in 2022, showing the progress we as an industry are making towards a more sustainable future. There’s some truly amazing initiatives and innovations across the globe that are driving new responsible ways of doing business and we are so glad we are able to celebrate some of them in person in London. Looking at this year’s entries and the impacts that they’re having, I genuinely believe we can transform the business world. The finalists in this year’s awards represent some of the best examples of what companies can do to help solve the issues impacting them, their employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.” Ed Long, Head of Sustainable Business Events. 

The winners were as follows:

Business Transformation Award

  • Molinos de Honduras / Volcafe – Honduras Change of Purchase Strategy

  • Mercado Libre – Mercado Libre: Advancing the Development of The Sustainability in Our Core Business

  • PepsiCo – pep+ (PepsiCo Positive)

  • Phoenix Group – Phoenix Group – Helping People Secure a Life of Possibilities

  • Philip Morris International – PMI: Delivering a Smoke-Free Future

  • Hiddenfjord – Salmon Should Swim, Not Fly

  • SoCalGas – SoCalGas – Sustainable Business Priorities

  • Taylors of Harrogate – Taylors Sourcing Approach: A Vehicle for Change at Origin

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges made clear that submissions in this category are evaluated by how much proof there is of true transformation versus evolution, as well as the degree to which the transformation has the potential to create impact at scale in the sector and beyond.

Submission title: SoCalGas - Sustainable Business Priorities
The judges were impressed by the bold target of eliminating 100% of vented methane gas, an underreported issue that has been ignored for too long. The measures being taken by SoCal upstream along with the granularity of planning was very strong, and the impact and scalability of implementing this solution have the potential to be orders of magnitude greater than the impact of other commendable initiatives. 

Submission title: Mercado Libre: Advancing the development of the sustainability in our core business
"This submission embodies the category. As the ninth largest e-commerce platform trying to change how they do business, end to end, they demonstrated a clear attempt to reinvent the impact they have across the board. This work is impressive in that it reaches far into the value chain." 

Net Zero Transition Award

  • Amalgamated Bank – Amalgamated Bank Net Zero Transition Award

  • Triodos Bank – AsOneToZero: The New Triodos Bank Net Zero Target and Strategy

  • Amazon – Amazon’s Commitment to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon By 2040, 10 Years Ahead Of The Paris Agreement, Through The Climate Pledge

  • Baker Hughes – Baker Hughes' Commitment to Meet its Net-zero Goals

  • InterEnergy Group – CEPM Zero: The Decarbonization of an Energy Company

  • GCCA – Concrete Future: The GCCA 2050 Cement and Concrete Industry Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete

  • JLL – JLL's Transition to Net-Zero

  • Moody's – Moody's Net-Zero Transition

  • SAP – Net Zero Transition Award

  • ERM – Sustainability at the Heart

  • Suzano – Suzano: Commitments to Renewing Life

  • Schneider Electric – The Zero Carbon Project

CATEGORY SUMMARY: For this category, judges were especially impressed by the submissions. The judges felt it was challenging, however, to compare across sectors. Those that stood out did so when they thought beyond their borders. Judges also observed that the net zero space is full of promises, so the judges looked at the scale of change – for example, are they a major emitter and are they truly decarbonising? Seeing as the industrial players involved are at the beginning of this journey, there are lots of promises, lots of ambition and lots of good plans, but there is a very long way to go for these companies to change, and so the judges also looked for a company that is working to change the entire ecosystem to help create progress that is more meaningful. 

WINNER: Moody’s
Submission Title: Moody's Net-Zero Transition
"Whilst there is a lot of greenwashing out there, where it is hard even for informed observers to evaluate what is happening really in terms of progress, Moody’s are looking at their own impact and also their role in the industrial ecosystem in moving society to  net zero." 

Submission Title: AsOneToZero: the new Triodos Bank Net Zero Target and Strategy
Judges wanted to acknowledge Triodos’ efforts for making net zero part of its DNA and constantly improving its processes with a greener future in mind.

Circular Transition Award

  • Merck KGaA – Circular Lab Solutions: Greener Solvents and Single-Use Plastics Recycling

  • Microsoft Corporation – Circularity at Scale

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev – Impact Beyond the Last Sip: AB InBev Drives Circularity Through Rebounce

  • Indorama Ventures Plc.    – IVL’s PET Circularity: Waste not Wasted

  • Keltbray – Keltbray - Circular Transition: From Demolition to Deconstruction

  • Boots – Recycle at Boots Takeback Scheme, for Hard-to-Recycle Health, Beauty and Wellness Packaging and Containers

  • Dow Inc. – DOWSIL™ ICL-1000: Immersing the Cloud in Sustainability

  • Timberland – Timberloop Program; Timberloop Trekker City Hiker

  • Little Freddie – UK’s first fully recyclable baby food pouch

  • Machine Compare Marketplace    – Where “Profit = Planet” – Pioneering the Circularity Of Industrial Spare Parts

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges found this to be a difficult category as very few businesses are there today on this huge systemic challenge across all aspects of the circular economy. Judges were looking for initiatives with more than one element of circularity, thinking deeply about circular design and modularity. Evidence of trying new ways and pushing further was also an asset. They enjoyed seeing so many solid submissions. 

WINNER: Timberland
Submission Title: Timberloop Program; Timberloop Trekker City Hiker
The judges saw the visible, tangible ways for consumers to join in a common cause on circularity, which was achieved by a phased approach, where you can clearly see innovation with intention to transform the entire business and huge potential impact on the future of consumption. 

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Indorama Ventures
Submission Title: IVL’s PET Circularity: Waste not Wasted
The judges saw that circularity is central to its business model and it was deploying technology in difficult markets. What impressed judges most was the ability to collaborate widely and constantly draw in other players to make it a systemic response, in geographic regions that are challenging.

Sustainability Trailblazer Award

  • Ivan Frishberg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Amalgamated Bank

  • Ezgi Barcenas, Chief Sustainability Officer at AB InBev

  • Carlos "Ucho" Barrera, CEO of Atlas Renewable Energy 

  • Kellie Ballew, Vice President of Global Sustainability & Innovation at Shaw Industries 

  • Mr. Hans T. Sy, at SM Prime Holdings, Inc

  • Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi, Chief Sustainability Officer at Majid Al Futtaim

  • Surendra Patawari, Founder and Chairman at Gemini Corporation 

  • Jessica McKinnerney, Sustainability Reporting and Data Leader at Trane Technologies

  • George Oliver, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls

  • Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director at Aster DM Healthcare

CATEGORY SUMMARY: There were some solid candidates this year. Judges looked for excellence according to context, impacts and geographies to drive systemic change.

WINNER: Ezgi Barcenas, Chief Sustainability Officer at Anheuser-Busch InBev
The judges acknowledged how she is a clear catalyst for change both across the global giant of her company, and outside her organisation. 

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi, Chief Sustainability Officer at Majid Al Futtaim
The judges recognised a chief sustainability officer in an emerging region. He is working against a very difficult backdrop as a flagship to many of the businesses in the region that need to change. 

Reporting and Transparency Award

  • Local Bounti – Turning a New Leaf™ in Suitability from Inception

  • Fyffes – Fyffes first-ever Sustainability and Human Rights Reports

  • KKR – KKR ESG Reporting / 2021 Sustainability Report

  • Moody's – Moody's Sustainability Reporting

  • Nestlé – Nestlé's 2021 Creating Shared Value & Sustainability Report showcases the company's commitment to advancing regenerative food systems at scale

  • Novartis – Novartis in Society - Integrated Report 2021

  • Aston Martin – Racing. Green. Aston Martin's Sustainability Report

  • JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) – Shaping the future of real estate for a better world

  • Rio Tinto – START Responsible Aluminium, Empowering a sustainable future

  • The Red Sea Development Co. – TRSDC - committed to sustainability and transparency

  • Guess Inc. – VISION Guess - Sustainability Report FY20-21

  • VF Corporation – VF Corporation: Achievements and Future Goals Surrounding People, Planet, and Products

  • Vancity – Vancity 2021 Annual Report: Change-makers

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges thought it was great to see the range of work, from initiatives to setting goals and targets. They thought it would have been helpful for companies and organisations to talk more about progress against their targets vs just targets. With regards to some feedback, the judges were looking for a bit more substance and more robust data from some companies about progress being made, beyond the transparency of the targets set and published. The point here is not to measure. It is to measure AND act upon it. 

WINNER: Novartis
Submission Title: Novartis in Society - Integrated Report 2021
The judges saw that Novartis was consistently producing high quality, transparent reports, and while it was comparatively easy for the company to articulate contributions to human health, it really was able to provide impact data against clear aspirations. Its innovation was impressive – especially with its attempt to put a financial value on the E initiatives in the ESG space. Novartis’ work demonstrates how businesses can go beyond the current paradigm, setting an encouraging standard for future reporting practices for all businesses, markets and policymakers that we can in fact integrate sustainable measures into financial assessments. 

Submission Title: Nestlé's 2021 Creating Shared Value & Sustainability Report showcases the company's commitment to advancing regenerative food systems at scale
It was encouraging to see a large-scale conglomerate publishing comprehensive information, and although in the face of ongoing controversies, that it was working to shed light on this – playing a key role in demonstrating that other companies of their size can follow suit.  

Biodiversity Champion Award

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev – AB InBev Promotes Regenerative Agriculture to Protect Paramos in Colombia Through “miPáramo”

  • Barry Callebaut – Artificial Intelligence Against Deforestation

  • Redrow – Creating Thriving Communities for Nature and People

  • Ten Knots Group – From Nest to Nest: How Ten Knots Group Champions the Protection of Sea Turtles in the Philippines

  • ADM – Providing Economic and Sustainable Solutions Through Regenerative Agriculture

  • SACYR – Sacyr Biodiversity Initiatives

  • Severn Trent Water – Severn Trent's Great Big Nature Boost

  • Anglo American – Using eDNA To Deliver Positive Biodiversity Outcomes

  • Pernod Ricard – Nurturing Every Terroir and Its Biodiversity

CATEGORY SUMMARY: It’s only the second year we have had this award, and potentially due to its recent mainstream coverage in general, the judges found that very few in the category had measurable outcomes.  Admittedly, many submissions were seen as "business as usual" efforts within their sectors, with most of them in the middle of the road and not ranking very highly. The judges were interested in stand-out innovation and looked for examples of partnership given the challenge of addressing the scale of issues relating to biodiversity.  

The judges believed that companies will increasingly be expected to think beyond climate to consider how they can benefit nature and that expectations will continue to grow, and so are hopeful for future submissions around this category. Judges commend the submissions’ focus on outcome but were looking for more evidence of on impact at scale. 

Nevertheless, there was an outright winner for this category

WINNER: Severn Trent Water
Submission Title: Severn Trent's Great Big Nature Boost
Protecting biodiversity is at the heart of Severn Trent Water’s business. The fact they realise this and are investing 1.2 billion pounds is impressive. The judges liked the range of partners the company engaged, especially those entities with a lot of expertise. The measurable goals were also clear and focused on outcomes. The judges liked the number of kilometers improved along rivers – 3,700. An outright winner for this category. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

  • Quadient – At Quadient inclUSion is About US!

  • CoStar Group – Leading the Way to a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Future in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

  • SoCalGas – SoCalGas – Advancing a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Culture for All

  • MAS Holdings – Changing Lives for Good: Building a diverse and inclusive MAS

  • Tapestry Inc. – Embracing Difference By Design

  • The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd – Gender Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Body Shop – Open Hiring

  • Medtronic – Zero Barriers: Medtronic’s Unwavering Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation – Hyatt's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges were pleased to see this as a category. The finalists reflected the fact that many companies have prioritised DEI recently. While many have talked about hiring people to lead this space in the last couple years, it’s hard to determine what has been delivered as yet. There appeared from the submissions to be a cookie-cutter approach. If the company is still talking about the commitment being made, it’s hard to tell if there is substance. The opportunity is to go further than stating a DEI strategy. Innovation is a little lacking, but there were some outliers among finalists who had taken a fresh approach. Companies should think beyond the talent component and toward the full value chain … what are we doing in our communities and what are we doing with our investors? 

WINNER: Crescent Textile Mills 
Submission Title:  Gender Diversity & Inclusion
Based in Pakistan, Crescent Textile Mills is working in the face of huge challenges and issues around gender equity. The judges liked that this is a women-run factory that changed lives of women and communities. It’s innovative to take this approach in such a challenging country. Judges also liked that this effort could be scaled, that it was not incremental, and that Crescent Textile Mills is changing how it is operating. Programmatically, it went far further than a box-ticking exercise. 

Submission Title: Changing Lives for Good: Building a diverse and inclusive MAS
The judges liked that this is focused on a dimension beyond the usual. It spoke clearly about actions the company would take focused on women and bringing on people with disabilities. They liked that this product was focused on a disabled population, and MAS holdings was very clear about the actions it was going to take.  

Social Impact Award

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev – AB InBev’s “Emprendedoras Bavaria” Program Uplifts Thousands of Female Entrepreneurs Through Training, Access to Financial Services and Mentorship

  • Gran Colombia Gold – Colombian Small Miners: Transforming their lives beyond gold

  • SK Telecom – Happy Community – AI Care

  • NatWest – NatWest entry for Social Impact Award, Responsible Business Awards 2022

  • NortonLifeLock – Norton Empowers Girls Worldwide to Lead in The Digital Future

  • Novartis – Novartis CARDIO4CITIES

  • Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd. – Solving for Society - Women Empowerment

  • Places for People – Community Investment Fund

  • SOURCE Global, PBC – SOURCE Global, PBC:  Delivering the World’s First Renewable Water Supply

  • Plastic Bank – Plastic Bank 

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges felt the submissions were highly varied for this category. They were looking for a combination of using different levers to achieve success and searching for a distinctive quality to the business model or programme. This year, the judges were focused on innovation. They felt that it is commonplace for organisations to have social impact programmes, so the space has evolved. The bar is now higher, and the judges were focused on how innovative ideas were – how far reaching they were and how the companies tracked the impact. 

WINNER: Plastic Bank
Submission Title: Plastic Bank   
The judges felt that Plastic Bank was a clear winner. Its work demonstrates how it is taking a huge global issue and addressing it at the root cause, attempting to prevent plastic from getting into the stream at the root of the issue. The judges were struck by the interesting business model, the tech platform used and the focus on entrepreneurship in the communities it worked in and liked that the approach was global. This submission was one of the few that the judges wanted to research separately. 

Submission Title: Norton empowers girls worldwide to lead in the digital future
The judges wanted to recognise this strategic and unusual collaboration with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This project was a clear demonstration of how the company extended the aims of their business goals to work on an issue that is hugely topical and current and unaddressed. They were not just helping people stay safe online, but also how to use the internet for good and empowering girls to become agents of change.

Partnership of the Year   

  • Atos – Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme

  • Prudence Foundation – Cha-Ching Money-Smart Kids (“Cha-Ching”)

  • Pfizer Inc – International Trachoma Initiative: A Multisectoral Partnership to Eliminate Trachoma Globally

  • JTI UK – Orchlab: A Collaboration Between the London Philharmonic Orchestra and JTI UK

  • PepsiCo & N-Drip – PepsiCo & N-Drip Partner to Help Farmers Around the World

  • Tesco – Tesco & WWF-UK Partnership of the Year

  • GSK & Save the Children – The Power of Partnership: Helping to Save Children’s Lives

CATEGORY SUMMARY: Overall, while judges saw promise in impact and scale, ground-breaking innovation that tackled systemic change across all aspects of ESG was less obvious.

WINNER: Tesco & WWF 
Submission Title:  Tesco & WWF-UK Partnership of the Year
The judges recognised that this was a model of collaboration that created a broad church where others could join and drive impact. Systemically challenging the global food system showing great potential in an industry that is ready for a massive upheaval. This partnership innately tackled a range of hard and soft issues.  

Submission Title: International Trachoma Initiative: a multisectoral partnership to eliminate trachoma globally
The judging panel wanted to reward a pharma company that was investing into real delivery of transforming millions of human lives. It’s clear they’re taking a systemic approach in their own operations and others in which everyone is fully invested for tangible delivery and impact.  

SDG Pioneer Award

  • Cargill Turkey – 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity (1000FEP)

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev – AB InBev and SDG pioneer through the 100+ Accelerator

  • Springer Nature Group – Advancing discovery for the SDGs

  • Belkin International – Belkin International

  • Mary Kay Inc. – Piloting SDG Localization at the Village Level:  A Women-focused Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development Project in Yunnan Province, China (Phase I, 2017-2021)

  • Machine Compare Marketplace – Green Parts Platform That Puts People and Planet First

  • InterEnergy Group – Promoting Electric Mobility in The Region

  • SecondMuse – Tackling Waste Mismanagement by Implementing Improved Circular Systems

CATEGORY SUMMARY: This category was challenging for the judges to assess. Some companies are mapping SDGs to existing programmes. Others are designing programmes to address specific SDGs. What does it mean to be an SDG pioneer? Does it mean you are making a significant contribution to a particular set of SDGs? Judges felt the submissions were less strong than some other categories but were drawn to startups demonstrating breakthrough thinking. 

WINNER: Machine Compare Marketplace
Submission Title: Green parts platform that puts people and planet first
The judges liked this submission because the platform, at its core, is addressing the SDGs directly. The judges observed that the conversation about electronic waste can be abstract, and this initiative is practical with the potential to scale. The Green Parts Promise and trademark will give confidence to the supplier and the customer, and has incredible potential – they look forward to seeing more about them in the future, continuing to pioneer!  

HIGHLY COMMENDED: InterEnergy Group 
Submission Title:  Promoting electric mobility in the region
The judges commended this for taking an integrated and systemic approach. While it is still on a limited scale, there is lots of potential. It struck the judges that the company is both implementing the charging system and providing consumers tools - and in parts of the world that may receive less focus. It also stood out that innovation is emerging in a part of the world, Panama, that may not be as known for innovation

Purpose-Driven Communications Award

  • Ripple Energy – It’s Your Green Power, Own It

  • ELES, d.o.o., TSO of Slovenia – Strengthening Energy and Climate Literacy

  • 3M – Shattering Stereotypes with “Not the Science Type”

  • SM Supermalls – SM Supermalls’ Vaccination Program: Ensuring Healthy Shoppers, Paving the Way to National Economic Recovery

  • Boots UK – Back to School

  • Hard Rock International – Hard Rock Social Identity Quest – Online Safety Literacy for Youth 

  • DBS Bank – A Purpose-Driven Bank

  • ITV – Britain Get Talking

  • Levi Strauss & Co. – Leading the Business Community on Gun Violence Prevention

  • Goldman Sachs – One Million Black Women

CATEGORY SUMMARY: Judges felt this was a strong category and a diversity of submissions from banks to renewable energy companies and beyond. In a sense, this category is challenging. You can measure the eyeballs but did the work achieve the desired goal beyond the communication? Judges were pleased with the measures of reach.

WINNER: SM Supermalls
Submission Title: SM Supermalls’ Vaccination Program: Ensuring healthy shoppers, paving the way to national economic recovery
The judges wanted to recognise the company's corporate leadership during the pandemic, which delivered 10 million vaccinations. They were very impressed by the reach and the scale of the programme, leveraging a societal and cultural institution, turning it into a place where a health emergency could be addressed. The judges were impressed by the courage to confront the latent caution about vaccination and positioning the malls as a safe place to be and to invest in the nation’s health. Whilst SM Supermalls can’t be here today to collect its award we’re delighted for the company and looking forward to informing it of its success 

Submission Title: It’s Your Green Power, Own It
While small in scale, Ripple Energy not only reached its audience but also persuaded its target audience to contribute. This is a great example of a business model that helps you make money and delivers societal good.

ESG Investment – Environmental Leadership of the Year

  • Aligned Data Centers – Aligned Data Centers Leads Business Innovation with Sustainability

  • Impax Asset Management – Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund

  • AIA Company Limited – Sustainable Investment: Generating Sustainable Value in Asia

  • Goldman Sachs – Horizon Environmental & Climate Solutions Fund 

CATEGORY SUMMARY: As this is the category’s inaugural year, the judges wanted to underscore that when we talk about environmental leadership, you can’t be a leader just through your ambition. You must show outcomes. While there was a clear winner in this category, which the judges were impressed by unanimously, the panel was looking for more impact data for future submissions. 

WINNER: Aligned Data Centers 
Submission Title: Aligned Data Centers Leads Business Innovation with Sustainability 
The judges thought the idea of fundamentally focusing on data centers is important in an under-resourced area. They were impressed with current metrics and current focus. The fundamental business is aligned behind ambitious targets and metrics. The judges were impressed with the model and innovation given increasing demand for data centres. The judges felt this sector would benefit from more scrutiny and focus and that Aligned Data Centres is demonstrating leadership, including how to aim for zero water use. 
ESG Investment – Social Leadership of the Year 

  • Norsad Capital – Impacting 100 Million Lives by 2030

  • KKR – KKR Shared Ownership

  • Atlas Renewable Energy – Maria Jose Cortes, Head of Sustainability

CATEGORY SUMMARY: Although a small line-up, the judges saw that there was a lot of potential and exciting prospects, which they were looking forward to seeing the progress of in the future.

WINNER: Norsad Capital 
Submission Title: Impacting 100 million lives by 2030
The judges liked the focus on Africa and felt the depth of the impact metrics was impressive. They also liked the collaboration with the third-party organisations. The judges appreciated the tie to the SDGs and felt that the programme was embedded in the community. The duration of the programme stood out, as this is clearly an effort to drive change over time. 

Submission Title: KKR Shared OwnershiP
With private equity being such an important industry to change, KKR’s work needed to be recognised, and it was setting the bar for the sector. The judges liked the elevation of employee voices and employee treatment. Congratulations, KKR.  

Responsible Investor of the Year

  • Norsad Capital – Building a Better Africa

  • Circulate Capital – Catalyzing Capital to Fight Plastic Pollution and Climate Change

  • Gamuda Berhad, Malaysia – Community Development at Gamuda

  • Impax Asset Management – Impax Asset Management

  • Maitri Asset Management – Maitri Asset Management – an Asian Multi-Family Office Leading the Way in Responsible Investing

  • NEQSOL Holding – NEQSOL Holding: Sustainable Business for Community

  • S2G Ventures – Responsible Investor – S2G Ventures

  • Triodos Investment Management – Triodos Investment Management – Invest for Change

CATEGORY SUMMARY: The judges scored the submissions closely in this category and found it challenging to distinguish a clear leader.

WINNER: Circulate Capital 
Submission Title: Catalysing capital to fight plastic pollution and climate change
The judges appreciated Circulate Capital’s focus on the issue of waste and recycling investment specifically and the partnership that was built around their work. The fact this blended their financial approach and brought the public and private sectors together particularly stood out. The judges also liked the focus on investing in a variety of waste and recycling solutions, and the targeted approach and depth of knowledge combined with the partnership approach suggests an incredible potential to scale efforts. 

Social and Human Capital Award

  • 3M – 3M Champions Internal and External Impact: Advancing Equity, Supporting Mental Health and Investing in Communities

  • Frontier Co-op – Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

  • Cox Enterprises     – 34 by 34 

  • Volvo Cars – Family Bond: Time to take it

CATEGORY SUMMARY: This is only the second year this award has been up for grabs, as Reuters Events knows there are some outstanding efforts from companies that are investing in people across their value chains and we are seeing companies who state that people are a priority. The judges were looking not just for companies that are valuing their employees but investing in their people. The judges decided that there was no winner in this category as they felt that the submissions were not indicative of the impressive work that is out there, and instead focused on business-as-usual benefits programmes, but nevertheless, they wanted to highly commend Frontier Co-op for their work.

Submission Title: Breaking Down Barriers to Employment
Whilst there was no outright winner in this category, the judges wanted to recognise Frontier for its work in the "breaking down barriers to employment" programme because it went above and beyond a benefit programme, driving value for others who may or may not be employees or customers.

Responsible Honouree Award
The Responsible Business Honouree Award recognises an individual, or individuals, that have dedicated their career to delivering change and have a track record of success. The Responsible Business Honouree has been and continues to be a catalyst for change within the industry.

Paul Simpson

Paul SImpson was the CEO and co-founder of CDP, a global non-profit that drives companies, cities and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. 
Through his work at CDP and beyond, Paul is acknowledged as a prominent thought leader on climate change, natural resource protection and sustainable economies and the roles of government, corporations and investment. Under his leadership, disclosure through CDP has increased 53-fold since 2002 and by 114% since 2015. In 2021 companies accounting for 64% of global market capitalisation disclosed via CDP.  Paul sits on the boards of the Science Based Targets initiative, We Mean Business Coalition and The Investor Agenda, which have contributed to the acceleration of private sector action on climate. Paul’s work at CDP has also laid the foundations for the global wave of mandatory disclosure regulation on corporate climate action. 
Paul is a council member of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), and the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group's Global Advisory Council for the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford. 
In June 2022, Paul received an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to tackling climate change in Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday 2022 Honours List. The award is in recognition of the tireless work undertaken by Paul throughout his career to tackle climate change, including co-founding CDP to successfully embed corporate disclosure on climate and the environment into mainstream behaviour. 


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