The sustainable efforts of Telefónica UK, Novelis, Jaguar Land Rover, KPMG, Timberland & AkzoNobel all recognised at the Ethical Corporation Awards

On Friday 25th September, nearly 200 of the leading figures in global responsible business gathered at Ethical Corporation’s Sixth Annual Responsible Business Awards ceremony held in The Cumberland, London.

A great variety of different sectors and industries from all over the world were represented. The diversity on display – both in terms of geographical origin and working sphere – demonstrated fantastically a growing dedication to responsible business practices.

The judges were looking for organisations who have been “agenda-leading in corporate responsibility” in 2015, with applications backed up by verifiable evidence from third parties. There were three main criteria by which they drew up the shortlist for the 17 different accolades;

  • How innovative the project was

  • How topical the entry was

  • The scale of impact, as well as credibility and appropriateness of the approaches used to measure the outcomes

Elina Yumasheva, organiser of the ceremony, stated in her welcoming speech “It’s a pleasure to see so many companies from such a variety of industries and geographies are working hard towards our common goal.”

The chair of the judging committee Christine Diamente, head of brand and corporate sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent said: “I had the honor of chairing a panel of distinguished judges and also a very impressive short list of initiatives by leading companies and organisations. All demonstrated the strategic importance of sustainability to their business or organisational activities. It was extremely inspiring. I would like to thank my fellow co-judges Oliver, Zara, Aris, Richard as well as Elina for their hard work in reviewing the submissions as well as their good humour when the judging became tough!"

"You will note we have a few co-winners per category as we felt they deserved the recognition. And I would like to congratulate everyone on the shortlist, and especially our winners. You show true innovation and leadership in driving Responsible Business. We hope you will share your experience far and wide and look forward to reading follow-up actions next year!”

The ceremony was hosted by the lively and impassioned Rick Edwards, and the awards were distributed as follows…




  • Bloomberg and SASB: Sustainable Finance and Market Transparency

  • Chemonics International Inc: Building Shared Value through Innovative Partnerships in Colombian Gold Mining

  • The Cooperative Group and The One Foundation: Improving health and livelihoods through access to safe, clean water

  • Vodafone & Labor Link: Vodafone & Labor Link by Good World Solutions

  • The Hershey Company: Project Peanut Butter – From Saving Lives To Energizing Learning in Rural Ghana

  • KPMG and Citizens UK: Living Wage Foundation Partnership

  • RBS: Accessible Card – responding to the needs of our customers and stakeholders

  • Resolute Forest products: Lasting Collaborations with First Nations

  • Starwood and Clean the World (CTW): Starwood and Clean the World (CTW) Sustainability Partnership

  • Turkcell and Young Guru Academy (YGA): Turkcell My Dream Partner

  • Barclays and Unicef: Enter title of submission here: Building Young Futures, Barclays and UNICEF

  • UPS Foundation: UPS Links Advanced Tracking Technology with Global Humanitarian Relief Efforts

This award went to what the judges deemed to be the best sustainability/corporate responsibility partnership between a company and other entities (i.e. NGOs, governmental bodies, charities, or others). The judges were looking for a partnership that demonstrated a true commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficent collaboration that delivered real, measurable social, governmental and/or environmental benefits.

With a paradoxically long shortlist for this award (there were originally 33 entries for this commendation – the most of all of the evening’s awards!) the judges had a tough time picking a Highly Commended and a Winner…

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The UPS Foundation and The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): UPS Links Advanced Tracking Technology with Global Humanitarian Relief Efforts

“The UPS Foundation and UNHCR are working on a major issue, leveraging their technology and expertise for a global challenge and definitely need to carry on.”

WINNER: KPMG and Citizens UK: Living Wage Foundation Partnership

“The living wage is a current issue hugely relevant to society. The leadership on future policy offered by this partnership has a significant impact on society today.”



  • Starwood and Coca Cola: Starwood and Coca-Cola Sustainability Partnership

  • Telefónica UK O2 and Bauer Media: GoThinkBig

  • Jaguar Land Rover and Novelis: A true leader in the circular economy is focused not on transforming one business but an entire marketplace.

  • GrowCocoa: a partnership between Olam International and The Bloomer Chocolate Co.

  • Agility: Logistics Emergency Teams

  • Santander: Santander and Coopercitrus partnership

The best B2B partnership award is intended to acknowledge the best partnership between two companies – who could be competitors business partners, or in entirely different sectors – as long as they demonstrated a clear commitment to a mutually beneficial collaboration which has tangible environmental, social and commercial benefits.

Again, there was considerably stiff competition for this accolade, but in the end, the judges honoured an ambitious and broad partnership, the likes of which we undoubtedly need more of.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Telefónica UK (O2) and Bauer Media: GoThinkBig

“An excellent programme focused on youth employment; a major societal issue today. Simple, straight forward and can bring in many partners. Also, a good model that can be replicated anywhere across Europe, but needs genuine commitment to bring about change. The benefits for partner engagement are not clear and more focus on metrics is needed.”

WINNER: Novelis and Jaguar Land Rover: A true leader in the circular economy is focused not on transforming one business but an entire marketplace.

“This project has great commercial impact tackling a major issue with measurable impact and values, very scalable for other industries; new and unique.  Multiple outcomes have emerged from a single B2B partnership - including suppliers - that stands above the rest.”



  • East of England Coop: Sourced Locally

  • GSK: GSK’s Supplier Sustainability Programme

  • KPMG UK: Sustainable Procurement Programme

  • Scania Latin America: A Greener Supply Chain Through Innovation and Simplicity

  • Together for Sustainability: A joint initiative to create benchmarks for sustainable supply chains

Judges were looking to award the company who could demonstrate most emphatically that they are now clearly managing a more socially and environmentally responsible supply chain than in their recent past. Helping suppliers to deliver against firm and clear targets, and engaging effectively both top-down and bottom-up were the most important aspects for the judges to take into consideration.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: East of England Co-op: Sourced Locally

“A local business that is providing mutual benefit to its suppliers in an integrated manner; notable for its size and reach. Judges would like to congratulate East of England and encourage continuing growth of this initiative. Showing more transparency on progress and results will help.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Together for Sustainability: A joint initiative to create benchmarks for sustainable supply chains

“Together for Sustainability is an excellent, industry-leading initiative that has a tangible impact on supply chain that can be replicated in other industries, and should studied more closely by major companies worldwide.”

WINNER: GSK: GSK’s Supplier Sustainability Programme

“A comprehensive programme that focuses on reducing Scope 3 carbon emissions using Ecodesk evaluation, supplier exchanging, and workshops, as well as supplier awards. "GSK have not solved every problem, but are making good progress in areas where they hold influence”— The judges appreciated GSK's candid approach.”



  • Backus SAB Miller: Making Progress Together

  • GE Foundation: Developing Futures™

  • Neustar: Neustar and Everfi Partner to Deliver My Digital Life Literacy Program

  • Roshan: Building the Future-Roshan’s School Construction Initiative

  • PepsiCo: PepsiCo’s Food for Good Program

  • SM Prime Holdings: SM Cares housing project for the survivors of typhoon Haiyan

  • Optus Pty Limited: Optus and The Smith Family – student2student mobile program

This award was given to the company that clearly demonstrates how their investment has benefitted local communities in a long-term and sustainable way. The judges were looking to reward the company showing how community investment strategy has results in a “win-win” outcome for both parties. Monetary level of investment isn’t the key criterion, rather, this award is about the impact made.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: SM Prime Holdings: SM Cares housing project for the survivors of typhoon Haiyan

“SM Prime Holdings should be commended for their domestic community investment, with clear commitment to rebuilding local housing in the Philippines while acting as a force to bring other stakeholders on board through their own leadership. Judges look forward to reviewing their results next year based on their community investment and associated internal and external communications program.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Optus Pty Limited: Optus and The Smith Family – student2student mobile program

“In today’s digital age, judges commended Optus for clear and tangible results benefiting youth education in Australian society based on basic telephony.”

WINNER: PepsiCo: PepsiCo’s Food for Good Program

“PepsiCo has shown clear results and public leadership with a major government partnership to transform their business model, as well as impressions and knowledge of the serious issue of malnutrition.”



  • Barclays, Plan UK and CARE UK: Banking on Change

  • Digicel: Improving Education in Haiti - the 150 schools initiative

  • The Old Mutual: ‘On The Money’

  • UPS: UPS Supply Chain Coalitions Address Urgent Needs for Ebola Health Workers

  • Vestergaard: LifeStraw Follow the Litters

  • Primark: Primark – Financial literacy and inclusion in Bangladesh

  • Limak Kosovo International Airport (LKIA): "Business and Technical Education: a unique value proposition"

  • The Hershey Company: CocoaLink: Connecting Cocoa Communities

The Most Effective International Community Investment award – similarly to the Domestic version – goes to the company clearly demonstrating the sustainable benefits of their investment in communities outside of their home market (where the head office is located). Judges were looking for a genuine commitment to vulnerable communities over a two-five year timescale.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Old Mutual Plc: ‘On The Money’

“Old Mutual has growth potential not only in Africa but other regions of the world through their financial education program throughout Africa.  The Judges look forward to more impact measurement on changes in behaviour in the countries where they have invested programs and applaud them for their programme.”

WINNER: Digicel: Improving Education in Haiti - the 150 schools initiative

“Digicel has shown a long term commitment to rebuilding Haiti following their 2010 earthquake, with a focus on education and school building nationally with the help of neighbouring countries such as the USA and Canada. We congratulate them for being the largest single school builder in the Caribbean, as well as recognizing the periphery impact on other sectors such as construction and teaching while having a tangible impact on national education.”

WINNER: The UPS Foundation: UPS Supply Chain Coalitions Address Urgent Needs for Ebola Health Workers

“The UPS Foundation played a massive leadership role in the unprecedented Ebola crisis in West Africa, providing an invaluable service based on their in-kind expertise and direct funding to emergency service in close partnership with WFP, MedShare and others. The judges were impressed by their reactivity, their impact and strategic partnership role in this recent global crisis.”




  • ABN AMRO: ABN AMRO Sustainable Diamond Jewellery Guide

  • Carbon Tracker: Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited (CTIL)

  • Globe Telecom: Project 1 Phone

  • Kosovo Energy Distribution and Supply Company: Good communication lead to a good corporate reputation of the company

  • SM Prime Holdings: SM Cares Communication Campaign

  • WBCSD: Reporting Matters

This award went to the organisation that has been most successful in making their corporate story meaningful and relatable to its stakeholders. Innovative ways of engaging stakeholders in the company’s sustainability work is one of the main things judges will be looking for, as well as; honestly, simplicity, and the ability to build trust.

WINNER: Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited (CTIL)

“Carbon Tracker Initiative is an agenda setting business model influencing attitudes in a highly sceptical audience, with a clear impact on investors, media, public authorities, and global corporations too.”



  • Gas Natural Fenosa: Cinergía: the project that takes energy efficiency to the cinema

  • Globe Telecom: Project 1 Phone

  • Guinness Anchor Berhad: Drink Sensibly (DS) Festive Campaign

  • Telefónica UK O2: Engaging customers in sustainability through transparency and choice

  • TTNT: EngelsizTivibu/ Accessible Tivibu

  • Turkcell: The life is beautiful when you share the same language

  • WWF: Thailand’s Campaign: “Chor Chang Can Save Elephants”

This award went to the company demonstrated consumer engagement in one or markets with a positive social/environmental message or campaign. The judges were looking to reward the company that best demonstrated its selection of a particular social or environmental issue, and campaigned to promote awareness and change via  either traditional or new media channels. Creativity, effectiveness and vitality were all criteria taken into consideration.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Globe Telecom: Project 1 Phone

“Globe Telecom has combined recycling, e-waste and carbon reduction with social goals and impressive measurable results. The judges commend Globe Telecom for this programme.”

WINNER: Telefónica UK (O2): Engaging customers in sustainability through transparency and choice

“Telefónica UK (O2) has demonstrated tremendous leadership in promoting different consumer models with a direct impact on the environment, the circular economy and consumer behaviour. They have creatively combined strengthening customer relationships through sustainability.”



  • Coca-Cola China: Coca-Cola China Sustainability Report 2012-2013

  • Olam International: Demonstrating Connectivity in The Landscape

  • City Developments Limited: Creating Value For the Future

  • H&M: H&M Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2014

  • Lloyds Banking Group: Lloyds Banking Group

  • Merck & Co., Inc USA: Merck USA CR 2013

  • MTR Corporation: Life of The City

  • Novelis: Adding More Aluminium: Creating Value

  • WPP: WPP’s' Sustainability Report'

  • Globe Telecom: Let’s create a wonderful world

  • Brisa Bridgestone: sustainability journey

  • My Climate: The one and only

The award for best sustainability report went to the company who showed most effectively that they have delivered their corporate responsibility undertakings to shareholders in a transparent, honest, and consistent way. Judges are looking for communication of progress and admission to challenges faced. Moreover, the winner will need to have showcased what their report has achieved for the company: critical stakeholder engagement is essential.

WINNER : Best Business to Consumer Sustainability Report: WPP: WPP’s' Sustainability Report'

“WPP has produced a comprehensive and robust report with a clear online layout that illustrates the company’s challenges and achievements”

WINNER : Best Business to Business Sustainability Report : Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tyre Manufacturing and Trading: Sustainability Journey

“Brisa has demonstrated excellence in sustainability transparency and reporting as a way of building growth and trust in their business. Congratulations!”



  • AkzoNobel: Creating Value

  • UniCredit: 2014 Integrated Report. Our sustainable value creation

  • The Crown Estate: A three-year journey towards integrated reporting and thinking

  • Swedfund International AB: Sustainable Business

  • Santander Brazil: Annual Report

  • Munich Airport: Strengths ‐ Munich Airport Annual Integrated Report 2014

  • Itaú Unibanco: Itaú Unibanco’s Integrated Report

The demonstration of integrated thinking throughout the whole report, with clear demonstration and explanation of value created, determined the winner of this category. The judges also wanted to see entrants display how various parts of business have contributed to an overarching aim.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Crown Estate: A three-year journey towards integrated reporting and thinking

“The Crown Estate provided an excellent three year strategic overview to integrated reporting which serves as a fantastic model for all those aspiring to adopt this framework.  Well done.”

WINNER: AkzoNobel: AkzoNobel’s Integrated Report 2014

WINNER: Swedfund International AB: Sustainable Business – Swedfund’s Integrated Report 2014

“Judges noted all entries in this category were very strong, showing a high level of commitment to integrated reporting and innovation in demonstrating corporate value creation. Congratulations to all those who participated in this category! The judges however would like present best integrated reporting to AkzoNobel and Swedfund for their clear, comprehensive and strategic approach to integrated reporting.” 




  • Ecolab: Water Risk

  • Ecova: Data Insights for Multi-Site Companies and Small- to Medium-Sized Business: The Challenges of Managing Resources at Hundreds, or Even Thousands, of Sites

  • Globe Telecom: Let’s create a wonderful world

  • Hogan-Lovells: HL BaSE

  • Johnson & Johnson : Johnson & Johnson’s Earthwards® Approach

  • Kebony: Kebony Wood

  • RBS: RBS Sustainable Energy Forum

  • SunPower Corporation: SunPower: Powering a Renewable Economy with Cradle to Cradle Certified Products

  • Tetra Pak: The World First Renewables Package

  • Timberland: Timberland Tires: Innovation in Action

  • IHG: Green Engage

This award went to the company that most clearly demonstrated incorporation of sustainability into commercial objectives, or applied it in addressing a business challenge. The winner showed that they have created a definitive new product that has been incorporated into operations across the company.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Timberland: Timberland Tires: Innovation in Action

“Timberland has launched a highly innovative partnership into a new commercial segment with sustainability underlying its business venture. The Judges look forward to seeing results and impact next year.”

WINNER: Tetra Pak Group: The World First Renewable Package – Tetra Rex® Bio-based

“Tetra Pak Group has designed a potentially transformative packaging solution leveraging sustainability at the heart of its innovation while working with multiple partners.”



  • Ecova: Results Through Responsibility

  • Aga Khan Planning and Building Service: Pakistan’s (AKPBS,P) Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP)

  • Carbon Tracker: Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited (CTIL)

  • CFS2: Ethical Financial Inclusion

  • Collective Leadership : The Collective Leadership Institute - Scaling-up effectiveness of cross-sector collaboration Divine Chocolate

  • Good World Solutions: Labor Link by Good World Solutions

  • Kosovo Energy Distribution and Supply Company: Launching an academy for job for unemployment reduction

  • MissionHUB: Mission HUB

  • SunPower Corporation: Solar Service Station (3S): Providing lighting and livelihoods

  • Pertamina EP Asset 5 Tarakan Field: Seizes Adipura, Keeps Citizens Welfare & Builds Environmentally Conscious Generation

The Best Social Enterprise award went to the company who set out a mission to address existing social and environmental issues. The judges were looking specifically for clear and measurable gains and tangible impacts from the enterprise’s efforts. Profitability and commercial success were also taken into consideration by the judges.

WINNER:Good World Solutions: Labor Link by Good World Solutions

“Supply chain is a major challenge today, and the Labor Link initiative shows that companies can drive change and greater transparency in labour conditions through digital technology.”



  • CFS2: Ethical Financial Inclusion

  • Elias Consulting: Value for Life

  • Élan Hair Design: The UK’s most eco-friendly hair salon

  • Greenco Water: PAK FLAT Tanks – Designed In Australia, Made For The World

  • Sindicatum: Sindicatum sustainable resources’ renewco initiative

  • Sphere-E: Leadership Software To Support Sustainable Purchasing Globally

  • Troldtekt: Business Strategy Based on Cradle to Cradle Principles

Crucially, this award was restricted to those companies and organisations with under 250 employees, and goes to the entrant who has most clearly innovated on sustainability. The category allowed for a variety of entrants: entries were accepted from companies who had, for example, created products or services with a clear social or environmental gain in conjunction with a strong business case. Other companies included were SMEs who have improved on the social and environmental impact of their existing business operations. The judges were looking for clear measurable gains rather than pledges to improve.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Troldtekt A/S: Troldtekt Acoustic Panels - Business Strategy Based on Cradle to Cradle Principles

“A small to medium company that has taken its product to the next step to transform its business and environmental foot print in a future proof manner that mirrors the performance of large companies. Judges particularly noted reporting metrics and moves to assured transparency.”

WINNER: Sindicatum Sustainable Resources: Sindicatum Sustainable Resources’ Renewco Initiative

“Unique and replicable business model on waste to clean energy that is then transferred and reinvested in communities. Judges recognised this enterprise is in a region with challenging business models and would like to give this initiative greater visibility.”


  • ICA gruppen: ICA inspires a “climate right” and great food life

  • Jaguar Land Rover: Environmental Innovation at Jaguar Land Rover

  • Resolute: Building a successful Tomorrow

  • Telefónica in the UK: Think Big Blueprint

  • United Bank of Africa: Best Public Company

  • Woolworths: Woolworths Holding Limited

This award honoured the publically listed company which has best demonstrated commitment to embedding sustainable business throughout operations. Judges were looking for a  comprehensive approach, target set across the board, and a clear demonstration of top level leadership from the board and owners of the business.

WINNER: Woolworths Holdings Limited

“Clear targets at store and individual level, with innovative partnerships and solid regional leadership.”



  • Bloomberg: Our Bottom Line is Impact

  • Earth Friendly Products: Best private company

  • Firmenich: Firmenich

  • IKEA: Journey Toward Becoming People, Planet, Positive

  • Novelis: Transforming an One-Hundred Year Old Industry from Linear to Circular

  • Roshan: Making a real difference in the world’s most challenging markets

This award acknowledged the privately-held, unlisted company which has best demonstrated commitment to embedding sustainable business practices throughout their operations. Judges were looking for a comprehensive approach, targets set across the board, and a clear demonstration of top level leadership from the board and owners of the business.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Earth Friendly Products

“Excellent company dedicated to selling carbon neutral products while using employees as ambassadors of sustainable change.”

WINNER: Novelis Inc: Transforming an One-Hundred Year Old Industry from Linear to Circular

“It is a great example of how companies are thriving in providing new solutions for the sustainable economy.”




  • Globe: Let’s create wonderful work

  • Jeronimo Martins: Water and Energy Teams

  • Timberland: Engaging Timberland Employees on a Path of Service

  • Ecova: Corporate Responsibility at Ecova: A Team Effort

  • AkzoNobel: Internal Engagement for Planet Possible

  • OMV: OMV Group - Employees’ Sustainability Engagement (EE)

Employee engagement is vital when looking to embed sustainable practices into a business, and this award went to the company that managed to show best how they’ve overcome this obstacle. Judges were looking for a company to show how they successfully communicate their responsible policies with colleagues. More importantly, the winning company showed conversation with employees and a consideration of their feedback in the context of refining sustainable strategies.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: AkzoNobel: Internal Engagement for Planet Possible

“AkzoNobel has taken a top-down approach in driving employee engagement around a new sustainability strategy where feedback is front and centre.” 

WINNER: Timberland: Engaging Timberland Employees on a Path of Service

“This is a company that has continuously developed a long standing commitment to employee driven involvement in sustainability activities, resulting in genuine employee creativity and ownership.”



  • Firmenich: Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat

  • Mott MacDonald: Davide Stronati

  • Telefónica UK O2: Bill Eyres

  • Yes Bank: Namita Vikas

This award honours the responsible business executive who has done the most to drive systemic change in their company and sustainability teams. Not only was the winner the person who most effectively managed risk, but also showed how sustainability related opportunities can be seized by companies and integrated into their business offerings and operations. The Ethical Corporation editorial board and the judging committee added suggestions to broaden the pool.

WINNER: Firmenich: Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Vice President Sustainability Partnerships

“Bérangère has devoted her entire career to driving sustainability change on a number of environmental and social issues.  The panel would like to applaud her for using her expertise from the public sector to drive positive change in a private corporation.”



  • The Hershey Company: John P. Bilbrey

  • Roshan: Karim Khoja

  • Telefónica UK O2: Ronan Dunne

  • Yes Bank: Mr. Rana Kapoor

This award is for the CEO of the year. Judges were looking for the business leader who has clearly shown an ability to lead their company effectively, with sustainability issues at the forefront. The winner demonstrated a clear grasp of both the issues and the need to commit to managing the unknown towards real targets, which demonstrates both sector and individual leadership. The Ethical Corporation editorial board and the judging committee added suggestions to broaden the pool.

WINNER: Telefónica UK (O2): Ronan Dunne – CEO Telefónica UK (O2)

“Ronan has been a clear leader in managing sustainability, putting O2 at the forefront of sustainable businesses on a diversity of topics including youth employment schemes to large industry recycling, environmental stewardship having a direct impact on both employee and consumer behaviour.”


John Elkington

This award is to honour the individual that our judging panel, editors, contributes and advisory board feel has dedicated themselves to sustainability issues, and has a considerable track record of success too.

With this in mind, John Elkington became the obvious choice. John co-founded both SustainAbility and Environmental Data Services (ENDS), and originated the term “Triple Bottom Line.” Business Week has described him as “a dean of the corporate responsibility movement for three decades.” A true proponent of and credit to the sustainability cause.

The judges said:

“On behalf of Ethical Corporation and this year’s judging team, we’d like to thank John for his tremendous contribution to pioneering the concept of corporate sustainability and pushing it up the agenda of the world’s largest companies: he’s truly been a major facilitator of change.“


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