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Land restoration: Reclaiming landscapes for a sustainable future
By Ilan Chabay (author, ed.), Martin Frick (ed.), Jennifer Helgeson (ed.)

Hardcover: 598 pages, £65.70
ISBN: 0128012315
Publisher: Academic Press
Published October 2015

This book provides a holistic overview of land degradation and restoration. Including examples from diverse areas, such as the Sahel, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.A, as well as comment from NGOs, academia, governments, and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, it provides practical tools for designing and implementing restoration and re-greening processes.


Development in Africa: Refocusing the lens
By George Kararach (author, ed.), Henry Besada (ed.), Timothy Shaw (ed.)


Hardcover: 432 pages, £75.00 
ISBN: 1447328531
Publisher: Policy Press
Published October 2015   

Since 2000, countries across Africa have maintained over a decade of unprecedented economic expansion in a phenomena known as 'Africa rising'. The contributors highlight what they consider to be the 12 major public policy challenges of the continent post-2015, from the legacy of African leadership, to the 'youth bulge' and resulting unemployment, and climate change.

Freedom and environment
By Michael Hannis 


Hardcover: 212 pages, £90.00
ISBN: 1138777277
Publisher: Routledge
Published October 2015      

Drawing on various theories, Michael Hannis explores the relationship between freedom and sustainability, considering how each contributes to human flourishing. With the right foundations in place, he argues, public authorities can act both to facilitate ecological virtue, and to remove structural incentives to ecological vice.

Beyond Fair Trade
By Mark Pendergrast


Paperback: 300 pages, £12.46
ISBN: 1771640472
Publisher: Greystone Books,Canada
Published: October 2015           


The Akha hill tribe of Thailand has a long, tumultuous history. Politics, economics, violence, prejudice, and deforestation consistently worked against the Akha's desire to move away from their dependency on opium production. That all changed with the establishment of an equal partnership business venture: the Doi Chaang Coffee Company. Beyond Fair Trade tells the story of the growth of this unique partnership, its successes and challenges, and the people behind it.

Fixing Fashion 
By Michael Lavergne


Paperback: 256 pages, £12.08
ISBN: 0865718008
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Published: October 2015                

Ethical supply chain professional Michael Lavergne explores environmental and human rights abuses within the global apparel trade, as well as the rise of a new breed of entrepreneurs and stakeholders driving change and transparency across international supply chains.

The private sector's role in disasters
By Alessandra Jerolleman (ed.), John J. Kiefer Ph.D. (ed.)


Hardcover: 342 pages, £44.99
ISBN: 148224408X
Publisher: CRC Press
Published: October 2015                    

This book examines the role of the private sector in emergency management and how that role is changing through private sector intersections with government, government agencies, and public sectors in all phases of emergency management. It gives focused directions for cultivating public–private working relationships to make emergency responses quicker and assistance more effective.

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