The joint issue will contain a focus on Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, analysis of IIED’s new report, a 8-page management briefing on sustainable business in the private equity sector and more

London 22/06/11

Next month’s Special Briefing is on what the big buyout firms are doing on sustainability.

Firstly there will be a review of the impact of the sustainability business agenda on the private equity sector. The article will explore how this model conflicts with the development of long-term responsible business practices and where it compliments this.

The briefing will examine examples of buyouts of companies where corporate responsibility risks weren’t properly understood, and study the value a buyout company places on good responsible business practice when looking for an investment opportunity.

Next month’s strategy and management section delves into the oil and gas sector’s contracting supply chains. The analysis is written by the authors of a new report from the International Institute for the Environment and Development who present some of their findings and conclusions. They argue that the oil and gas industry needs to foster a culture of teamwork and shared ownership.

How has Unilever’s new Sustainable Living Plan, launched in a fanfare last year, developed? What are the successes so far, and the major challenges? These questions will also be answered in-depth in July’s strategy and management section.

And Ray Andersen, sustainable business pioneer, and Ethical Corporation Lifetime Achievement award winner 2010, will give his thoughts and advice on how companies can be responsible and successful,in an exclusive extract from his recently updated book Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist.

The July/August issue’s Country Briefing is on the state of responsible business in Switzerland. The briefing examines the history of corporate responsibility in Switzerland, with analysis of the role of the Swiss government in developing and maintaining a CR agenda. The role of Swiss banks and their culture of discretion – and how this clashes with a move towards corporate transparency – will also be examined.

July’s EthicsWatch section includes analysis of drug company pledges to supply low-price medication to the developing world, and howmulti-nationals such as GSK are working with the GAVI Alliance NGO to provide low-cost vaccines. EthicsWatch will consider the benefits of this to both parties, whether it’s sustainable and whether there are safeguards to stop this initiative creating a new blackmarket in the developed world.

EthicsWatch will also review the implications from Cairn Energy’s recent court order preventing Greenpeace activists from disrupting drilling activity in the Arctic. Why has Cairn taken this route? Are injunctions going to curb activist activity and will courts get involved in a similar fashion elsewhere?

The July/August issue’s CEO focus will be on Panasonic’s CEO Europe Laurent Abadie.

In addition there will be a review of recent sustainability reporting from BP and Deutsche Post, plus all the usual thought-provoking comment and analysis from our regular columnists.

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