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Centralize data and insights to avoid decision-making delays

Maria Aguirre G..., (Nov 24, 2023)

To help boost patient-centricity, centralization of internal and external data allows for faster insight generation among pharmaceutical company teams.

The Engagement Use Cases for AI

Andrew Stone, (Nov 22, 2023)

A wide array of AI tools are here now or coming that will help pharma sharpen its engagement approach across medical affairs and commercial.

Your 24-month blueprint for market launch success

Maria Aguirre G..., (Oct 27, 2023)

Pharmaceutical companies should have a market launch strategy at least two years before data from a registrational clinical trial is available.

Genetika+: Transforming Digital Health with Precision Medicine Innovations

Maria Aguirre G..., (Sep 6, 2023)

Pioneering the field of precision medicine, Genetika+ employs state-of-the-art technology to transform extensive datasets into actionable insights, elevating patient outcomes and providing invaluable support to pharmaceutical companies

An omnichannel strategy is necessary to meet HCP needs

Anonymous (not verified), (Aug 25, 2023)

HCP preferences have rapidly shifted towards remote and hybrid engagement. Cultural transformation, data silo elimination, and cross-functional collaboration are key to meeting these new demands through a successful omnichannel transition.

Cracking the commercial code in digital health

Andrew Stone, (Aug 24, 2023)

Pharma must internalise some hard lessons if its future digital health solutions are to have a significant commercial impact

Pharma’s likely digital comms budget jump a blow for print channels

Anonymous (not verified), (Jul 20, 2023)

Pharmaceutical companies are likely to go digital in the next three-to-four years even with return of in-person engagements

Optimize next best action tools to deliver value-based engagement

Maria Aguirre G..., (Jun 23, 2023)

Discover a 6-stage roadmap enabling pharmaceutical companies to achieve a true omnichannel engagement strategy while seamlessly integrating next-best-action (NBA) approaches

Three ways marketing and medical can execute a successful omnichannel rollout

Lucy Fisher, (Jun 2, 2023)

Pharma companies should zero in on commonalities between functions to achieve a genuine customer-centric omnichannel

Making strategic sense of pharma’s new race for competitive advantage 

Andrew Stone, (Mar 16, 2023)

The race for competitive advantage for pharma today is about far more than just innovative new molecules.