By Liam Dowd - September 29th, 2014

Putting social media at the heart of your business

We’re just under two months away from our 5th Annual Corporate Social Media Summit Europe. Some of the world’s leading social brands such as; McDonalds, Visa, Sony, Mars, ING, Lego, Orange, LV= and many more will be attendance

I’ve listed four top reasons why you and your company would benefit from attending:

1. Start cementing your 2015 social strategy now

We’ve spent months speaking to your peers discovering the key issues and opportunities that social media presents, both now and in the coming months.

Wherever you are on your social journey, our packed agenda will offer you answers and ideas that you can take back to your office. Some of the key sessions include:

  • Become a social business – To drive real business value and create competitive advantage through social, one must go the next step and become a Social Business. You’ll learn how to embed social across your enterprise to achieve heightened collaboration, transparency and agility
  • Social media for customer service – Discover how to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through an integrated, authentic and efficient response
  • Leverage your social data – Social data presents great opportunities for brands to really understand what their customers think and do. Using this data can help create a more customer centric brand. We’ll outline how some of the pioneering brands are generating actionable insight for more meaningful customer interaction
  • Create unrivalled customer experiences – Learn how to generate personalised, meaningful and consistent customer connections that will heighten engagement and strengthen long-term partnerships
  • Social media for commerce – Hear ways in which your company can monetise your social community without alienating it

Visit here to get a full run-down on the top topics being addressed.

2. Get real-life insight and tactics from your peers

We believe that the best people to offer answers are your peers, the ones doing social. No blue-sky thinking, no theory, no gurus – just senior social media, marketing and communication execs which are at the forefront of corporate social media. Over the two days the following speakers will be present to give you the ideas and insight to shape your future strategy:

  • Sony – Tim Lion, European Head of Social Media
  • McDonalds – Sam Fulton, European Communications Director
  • Sky Deutschland – Selena Gabat, Head of Social Media
  • Siemens – Michael Stenberg, Vice President, Web and Infrastructure
  • Akzo Nobel – Corinne Avelines, Global Head of Digital and eCommerce
  • Orange – Lionel Fumado, Head of Social Media 
  • Gumtree – Sam Diamond, Head of Brand and Communications
  • Royal Mail – Martha Roberts, Head of Customer Service Communications
  • Barclaycard – Lucy Wren, Head of Social Media
  • Plus many more...

Visit here to get a full run-down on the 20+ expert speakers at #CSMEU.

3. Corporate social media, corporate learning and corporate networking

This event is built for and serves corporate practitioners. Over 60% of our attendance is made up by corporates from some of the world’s leading social brands. This ensures you meet and network with people that are tackling the same issues as you.

Over the past couple of years we have seen the likes of; Redbull, eBay, TNT, McLarens, BAE Systems, Honda, Aer Lingus, Standard Life, IBM, Nissan, Pfizer, GSK, American Express and many more attend the Summit.

Take a look at how you and your company would benefit from being part of this event.

4. Not your average conference

The format of the Summit in some ways is just as important as the content. We try to make sure that all our sessions are as interactive and interesting as possible. PowerPoint is banned from nearly all sessions.

We believe that a conference should be a place for senior execs to come together to overcome tough challenges and map the future of their industry. Every one of our sessions is a discussion, where senior marketing executives are asked tough questions by their peers. There will be live case study scenarios, roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions – making #CSMEU a Summit where you, the delegate, take centre-stage.

Download the free event guide to discover why attending #CSMEU is the perfect way to end 2014 and get ready for 2015.

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