By Jack Edgar - October 28th, 2014

10 CMOs from the world’s biggest brands will join Heads of Social Media to discuss the future of corporate social media and its evolving relationship with the marketing department.

London 28/10/14

2015 is a year filled with both huge challenges and opportunities for companies leveraging social media. It has helped generate a customer-base which has more power than ever; and unless companies are engaging, relevant and meaningful, they will simply be ignored.

Because of this change, social media is now at the centre of the relationship between businesses and their customers, encompassing much more than just marketing.

Be it brand management or customer service, companies that integrate and de-silo social media are now able to connect with individuals, rather than just markets, and reap the financial rewards this brings. Indeed, in a survey conducted by USM in 2014, over 70% of CMOs claimed that social represents an opportunity to fundamentally transform their business for the better.

However, moving from marketing to a broader role with social media is tough, and requires a number of things….C-suite support and guidance being one of them.

Responding to these developments, The 5th Annual Corporate Social Media Summit Europe will provide a platform for the world’s biggest brands to share and discuss their future strategy. Joining VP’s and Heads of Social/Marketing will now be 10 leading CMOs, who will offer their invaluable foresight to help map a course through this challenging but exciting terrain.

Project Director for the Summit Jack Edgar said, “It is vital to have both CMOs and Heads of Social at this year’s event. Given their decisions impact on every aspect of your role, CMOs can provide the insight on how things will change, and what you need to aim at in 2015.”

As well as social media integration and collaboration, the speakers and 200+ senior delegates will share best practice on 2015’s most pertinent and pressing challenges, from unlocking the power of social data, to heightening engagement through meaningful and story-telling content.

For more information, visit the Summit website, or contact:

Jack Edgar

Project Director

Useful Social Media

+44 (0) 2073757226


Useful Social Media provides business intelligence on how large corporations can leverage social media for business advantage. We publish thought-leadership and analysis on our website, produce long-form briefings and write in-depth research reports. Our conferences are widely recognized as the best in the field of corporate social media best practice.

The Corporate Social Media Summit Europe

November 2014, London

Become a social business! #CSMEU is the largest and most senior meeting of social media and marketing execs, giving you unrivalled insight into how social can drive your business growth & competitive advantage

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