• Sustainability gets CEO buy-in: 79% of executives polled said their CEO is convinced of the value of sustainability.

  • COP21 delivered what was needed: 60% of our respondents felt COP21 delivered the agreement needed to address climate change risk. When asked to give commentary on COP21, many respondents stated it creates the impetus for both businesses and industries to change their behaviours.

  • CSR is driving revenues: 66% of executives polled stated that sustainability is driving revenue for their business.

  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability gaining importance: 90% of respondents stated that CSR is becoming an increasingly important part of business strategy. To support this move, 56% of respondents stated that they report to their CEO or Board. This indicates that CSR is increasingly integral to mainstream business strategy.

  • CSR driving internal change in 2016: With sustainable innovation (17%), embedding sustainability (16%) and creating a culture of sustainability (15%) providing the most exciting opportunities for respondents, it appears internal organisational changes are ahead in 2016.