A workshop session form the 2019 Transform Summit

Implementing a circular system across your operations is no easy task. Improving your products, trying new materials and changing your operations generate costs and risks to the business. In this 120-minute workshop learn how to:

  • Map the full value chain of a new circular model
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities across the chain
  • How to measure your progress towards the circular economy
  • Attribute accounting values to investments & implementation of circular operations



Dominique Fularski, Head of Communications Circular IKEA, IKEA

Anna Krotova, Standards Division Manager, GRI

Thomas Marinelli, Head of Sustainable Design & Products, Signify 


Jacco Verstraeten-Jochermsen, Lead Business Solutions, Circle Economy 

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Transform 2019

October 2019, Amsterdam

NEW for 2019, we’ve rebranded our Supply Chain event under the banner TRANSFORM to reflect the shift in thinking that is required. Companies must undertake a transformative approach to their whole value chain to address the challenges we face. 250+ CEOs, heads of business, investors and NGOs and address the increasing overlap and opportunities found up and down a company’s value chain

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