A keynote session from the 2019 Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit

Hear the latest on how regulatory updates, including the European Commission directive on non-financial reporting, will impact your reporting process both now, and in the coming years.

Slides from the two-day Summit can be accessed here


Hilde Blomme, Deputy CEO, Accountancy Europe

Dr. Christian Leitz, Secretary, Corporate Culture and Responsibility Committee, UBS

Sven Gentner, Head of Unit for Asset Management, European Commission 


Donato Calace, Director of Accounts and Innovation, Datamaran 

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The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2019

October 2019, Amsterdam

2019 is bringing the best, the most innovative and inspiring companies to Ethical Corporation’s Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit (16-17 October), with a focus on helping companies showcase their business will be fit for a clean, more sustainable and inclusive future.

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