The keynote session, continuing conversation on bridging value chain sustainability and business strategy - with Gran Colombia Gold and Chemonics International

A unique case study delivered by Melissa Logan, SVP at Chemonics International and Jose Igancio Noguera, VP Corporate Affairs at Gran Colombia Gold. Hear about how the two companies have collaborated to legitamise the work of thousands of small-scale miners in their supply chain, and learn;

  • How to get the materiality right: Devleop a holistic responsible sourcing strategy that takes into account risks and opportunities material to your business and supports business growth

  • Supplier support visits to better udnerstand our partners and idetntify the areas of improvement

  • Why supplier selection and relationship maintenance are core business to every purchasing director

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Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2015

November 2015, London

Europe’s leading meeting place for corporate leaders delivering value chain sustainability and business resilience. Back now for its 10th year, it’s the go to event for professionals working in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, sustainability or CSR. Learn how to deliver resilient value chain through industry collaboration and business innovation

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