Video reps versus traditional reps e-detailing efficiency metrics

So, we were excited to see iPhysicianNet's release last week of a performance comparison study pitting the effectiveness of its iPhysicanNet Video Rep technology to the efforts of traditional field-based pharmaceutical sales representatives. The study compared statistics on typical e-details using the iPhysicianNet desktop detailing system to data from Credit Suisse, First Boston Corporation on traditional face-to-face detailing visits with physicians.

According to iPhysicianNet, pharmaceutical reps using its desktop system to meet with primary care physicians via a video connection online can complete three times as many calls each day as the average field-based rep visiting physicians's offices. In addition to the increased number of visits completed, the group contends video reps get four times as much face-to-face detailing time with the physician 8.4 minutes on average per e-detailing visit versus less than 2 minutes for a traditional detailing visit with a physician.

iPhysicianNet also reported the following statistics:

  • Number of Products Detailed: iPhysicianNet Video Rep 2.9, field rep 1.6
  • Avg. # detailing calls/day/rep: iPhysicianNet Video Rep 10-25, field rep 4-8
  • Avg. # detailing calls/year/rep: iPhysicianNet Video Rep 2,200-2,500, field rep 800-1,760
  • Physicians per rep: iPhysicianNet Video Rep 450-600, field rep 150-200
  • Detail aids used in calls: iPhysicianNet Video Rep - >90%, field rep - <20%
  • Cost per call: iPhysicianNet Video Rep (fully loaded) - $150, field rep - $150-$250
  • Cost per minute: iPhysicianNet Video Rep - $18, field rep - $75-$125
  • Cost per product detailed: iPhysicianNet Video Rep - $52, field rep - $94-$156

Although even iPhysicianNet admits video details won'st completely replace traditional detailing by field sales reps, e-detailing offers a cost effective alternative to ever-increasing traditional field detailing costs. The metrics that we have established indicate that our pharmaceutical clients will be able to take advantage of the iPhysicianNet video detailing system to drive real efficiencies by developing inside video sales forces, as highly productive enhancements to their overall sales efforts, said Peter Moriarty, Chairman and CEO of iPhysicianNet.

As pharma companies continue to look for effective ways to contain costs and new avenues to garner physicians's attention, e-detailing seems to be one Web technology that offers true promise for changing the way pharma markets for the better.

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