17th Annual eyeforpharma Barcelona (Commercial, Digital and Patients)

Mar 12, 2019 - Mar 14, 2019, Barcelona

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Visionary Leader Honored

The life’s work of LEO Pharma head, Gitte Aabo, has been recognized with an award

An expert panel of patients, healthcare professionals and pharma leaders has named Gitte Aabo, CEO and President of LEO Pharma, as the recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award at eyeforpharma’s annual European awards.

Accepting the award in Barcelona last week, LEO Pharma Executive Director of Commercial Excellence Karsten Schmidt, said: “It is with great honor and respect from Gitte, myself and all of LEO Pharma that I am here to accept the award on her behalf. As a LEO employee, I can truly say that Gitte’s sincere passion and dedication to patients is an inspiration to all colleagues, which has led to a culture where we put patients first, always. Honoring Gitte for her lifelong efforts in this area will not only serve as continued inspiration for Gitte but for all in LEO.”

LEO Pharma's staunch commitment to patient-centricity has paid dividends. In 2017, the company helped more than 80 million patients and revenues shot up by 8% in local currencies.

Responding to her award, Aabo said: “This recognition has been possible thanks to the dedication of all the LEO Pharma employees. It is a great honor to receive this award from eyeforpharma whose efforts in improving dialogue between the pharma industry and patients are invaluable.”   

Throughout her career, Aabo has displayed a fearless commitment to improving the lives of patients. In a recent interview with eyeforpharma, she spoke about the internal transformation necessary to deliver that vision.

“It requires that we change our priorities to spend time with patients, that we have a vision, a story to tell and it is important for all people in the company,” she said.

“It requires that the change we want to drive is supported by our structures, like our incentive program, [and] it requires that our top leaders and the people in LEO have the skills to really become a patient-centric organization. If we can meet the unmet need, even though we cannot make the business case, we will do it anyway.” 

Aabo’s vision for the future of LEO Pharma is equally progressive. “I see us building many more partnerships [to] provide solutions to patients, because living with a skin disease, you need much more than the best possible treatment, you also need access to information, to other kinds of care and services, so I see that as a significant change for us going forward, that we collaborate from a much more holistic perspective, also at the commercial end.”

The other finalists in the Lifetime Achievement award category were:

  • Ester Banque, General Manager, Novartis Oncology
  • Peter Guenter, CEO, Almirall
  • Dr Dominique Limet, formerly CEO, ViiV Healthcare

For more information on the awards, visit the website.

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17th Annual eyeforpharma Barcelona (Commercial, Digital and Patients)

Mar 12, 2019 - Mar 14, 2019, Barcelona

Where Pharma Becomes The Solution