Patient Summit Europe

Jun 25, 2015 - Jun 26, 2015, London

Build trust: redesign your company around a better patient experience

Special report: Patient's Week 2011

How patients and pharma can work together—to the benefit of both

For more on patient adherence, join the sector’s other key players at Patient Adherence Europe on May 31-June 1, 2012 in London.


Day 1

Personalised Patient Partnerships webinar (4pm GMT / 11am EST)

Pharma and the empowered, educated patient

Jeanne Barnett argues that pharma needs a ‘chronic care university’ to create compliance, build knowledge, and reduce costs

Comparative Effectiveness Research and the case for active patient engagement

Nathalie Horowicz-Mehler and John J Doyle explain why comparative effectiveness research (CER) must include patients’ perspectives on how to balance

risk and benefit

Patients' Week 2011: Put patients at the heart of the healthcare system

Every drug that hits the market intends to improve patient health or mitigate patient pain, and the value of those drugs largely depends on how well they deliver on that purpose.

Podcast: “Patient adherence is the next big thing in healthcare”


Day 2

Talk is cheap - and clinically effective!

John Procter, senior director, Health Management Services, Quintiles, explains why pharma should be at the center of collaborative conversations among clinicians and patients

Perfecting the patient experience

We’ve already got customer effectiveness and sales force effectiveness. Andrew Tolve reports on why now is the time for patient effectiveness

How Health 2.0 can improve patient compliance

Kim Liu of Capgemini Consulting explores how innovative social media approaches can impact adherence

Patients' Week 2011: Make the waiting room a digital classroom

Why is time spent in a doctor's waiting room such a waste of time? Jeanne Barnett explains how pharma can help make it worth the wait for patients


Day 3

The changing dynamic of doctor-patient communications

Ruth Slater, Gillian Boucher and Rebecca Galbraith of Quintiles Medical Communications explain why how patients who actively seek out medical information achieve better healthcare outcomes

From patient to activist

Andrew Tolve talks to Dave deBronkart about how he beat kidney cancer and helped launch the e-patient revolution

The essence of Health 2.0 is collaboration

How being an informed patient helps Sara Riggare, who has Parkinson’s disease, achieve her goal of chronic health

Providing value beyond the prescription

Jeff Kozloff explains how pharma can use Health 2.0 research techniques to learn from patients and create better outcomes

Patients’ Week 2011: Why you need a patient relations department

Andrew Tolve examines how pharma can benefit from creating a patient-centric group within the company


Day 4

Let patients help!

Patients should be respected sources of information, not spectators

Social media and the empowered patient

Andrew Tolve reports on how pharma can stop fearing social media and start using it to help patients—and themselves

SMS as a tool to increase adherence

Text message (SMS) interventions can improve adherence and disease management across a number of illnesses

Using technology to improve adherence

Eric Boothe, director business development for Life Sciences, on how the Healh 2.0 movement can help boost adherence

Patients’ Week 2011: The power of the Internet to improve patient outcomes

Elisa Cascade, vice president of Mediguard, on how to connect patients to better health outcomes by connecting them to online platforms


Day 5

Living life to the fullest

With the right treatment and support, people with rare disorders can do just about anything

Biosensors as a source of patient insights

Davis Walp, head of Value Based Solutions at Quintiles, on how wearable biosensors are becoming promising tools to improve outcomes and cut costs

Behind every piece of data is a patient

Benjamin Heywood, president and co-founder of PatientsLikeMe, explains why his organization is building a patient registry where patients benefit in real-time from what they share

Enhancing patient value

Davis Walp, head of Value Based Solutions at Quintiles, explains the importance of tailoring programs to patients based on cultural and psychographic factors

Patients' Week 2011: How pharma can meet the needs of younger patients

Di Stafford argues that pharma must make products for kids interesting, engaging and fun

Patients’ Week 2011: How Health 2.0 helps patients put a doctor in their pocket

Andrew Tolve looks at how pharma can participate in the burgeoning Health 2.0 movement, to the benefit of both patients and the pharma industry itself

Patients’ Week 2011: “Nothing can replace the human touch”

Stewart H Rosen, MD, VP medical affairs with Quintiles, and Valerie Metil, Quintiles' senior director of operations, health management solutions, on educating patients-and empowering them in the process

Patient Summit Europe

Jun 25, 2015 - Jun 26, 2015, London

Build trust: redesign your company around a better patient experience