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Jul 10, 2012 - Jul 11, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

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Special report: KOLs and pharma

In this special report, eyeforpharma examines how pharma can identify, engage with, and benefit from key opinion leaders (KOLs)

A 6-step guide to KOL engagement

Six novel ways pharma can identify and engage with key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Pharma and KOLs: How to create transparent, collaborative relationships

Phil Taylor explores how pharma’s relationship to key opinion leaders is changing—for the better

How to develop a KOL knowledge management program

Kevin Appareti, global director for Medical Science Liaison at Philips Healthcare, explains how to motivate KOLs and how to measure their value

Podcast: "KOL engagement strategy at Philips Healthcare"

Kevin Appareti, Global Director Medical Science Liaison at Philips Healthcare, gives a short but useful interview on his company's approach to KOL engagement

Q&A: The changing role of KOLs

Neil Kendle, director of Kendle Healthcare, on how to manage relationships with non-traditional and non-clinical KOLs

Q&A: How to engage with KOLs

Emma D'Arcy, senior digital consultant with Complete Digital, on making pharma's relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) work

Pharma and the evolving role of MSLs

Phil Taylor reports on the commercial and scientific opportunities facing medical scientific liaisons (MSLs)

Medical scientific liaisons: Sales reps in disguise?

Medical scientific liaisons (MSLs)—the people physicians talk to when they have scientific questions—have traditionally been separated from the marketing and commercial functions. Should the boundaries between the two functions be broken down?

Pharma and cloud computing

Andrew Tolve investigates the opportunities and challenges for pharma’s use of cloud computing

Dr. Bates’ Talkback: How corporate social responsibility boosts business

Dr. Andre K. Bates explains how focusing on corporate integrity and responsibility yields real business benefits

Pharma and CSR: Why good deeds are good business

Pharma is increasingly turning to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to repair its damaged reputation and boost the bottom line. Andrew Tolve reports

Comprehensive strategies for market access

Alan Crofts outlines the flexible market access strategies needed to address the needs of clinical and non-clinical decision makers

Marketing with opinion leaders in mind

Johanna Jarvis, head of advocacy at Wyeth, on how to incorporate opinion leaders into marketing strategy

M’s the word: Keep KOL relationships in the open

Key opinion leaders should be guides and counsels, not company junkies

M’s the Word: Let the sun shine on KOLs

Why we need to keep Key Opinion Leaders at a safe distance

Podcast: "The changing nature of KOL management" - Stephen Dodge, Novo Nordisk

Stephen Dodge, Executive Director of the East Field Medical Affairs Organisation at Novo Nordisk, answers questions about how KOL management will evolve over the coming years

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SFE Japan

Jul 10, 2012 - Jul 11, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

Deliver real value to your clients