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Eli Lilly forms venture capital fund

Editor, (Jan 22, 2001)

With its initial investment fund of $50 million, e-Lilly will focus on early-to-development-stage startup companies with e-business solutions that will benefit the research, development and commercial

Roche expands agreement with Trega Biosciences

Editor, (Jan 18, 2001)

Under the terms of the agreement, Roche expands to a three-year global license from their initial license to the absorption module granted earlier this year. The and iPhysicianNet to provide computers for e-detailing to physicians

Editor, (Jan 18, 2001)

Physicians also will be offered iPhysicianNet’s high-speed Internet access and a physician-focused video computer for e-detailing.

First Genetic Trust signs agreement with Sloan-Kettering

Editor, (Jan 18, 2001)

The Clinical Genetics Service plans to conduct a clinical trial involving patients at risk for breast cancer using First Genetic Trust's on-line proprietary genetic banking system. The pilot