Survey results: Accelerating digital transformation during COVID-19

View the results of a survey of over 1000 pharma executives on the impact COVID-19 has had and will have on their operations

COVID-19 has placed the life sciences industry in Europe under extreme pressure, testing it like no other event. Lockdowns have shocked the system and exposed shortcomings, forcing every function to evaluate and adapt its roles and responsibilities almost overnight.
But the pandemic has also accelerated a number of trends, not least the adoption of digital engagement. Pharma has acted on plans that might have taken years to put into effect, pre-pandemic and has, instead, implemented them almost overnight.
While the extent of these changes driven by the pandemic is not yet clear, there is no doubt that they will be extensive and the industry must re-direct resources and re-tool to make the most of them.
This is all made clear in our April research, comprising 1,363 senior professionals working mostly in Pharma (82.8%) in the EMEA region (73%), with the rest working in biotech, medtech/device, or consumer health companies in other regions (global, Asia, Americas, etc).
Below you will see a snapshot of the data. To view the full survey and report click here.