Small Modular Reactors

US program seeks two commercially viable advanced reactors

May 27, 2020

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP) is calling on participants to demonstrate two fully-operational advanced nuclear reactors within five to...

Floating Russian nuclear plant fully commissioned; Indian Point unit shuts down

May 26, 2020

Our pick of the latest nuclear power news you need to know.

Robots face nuclear challenge in European project

Apr 28, 2020

The project will focus on inspection and maintenance robotics and establish 13 Digital Innovation Hubs across a range of industries with the nuclear element seeking solutions for...

New tech may save waning US nuclear influence

Apr 28, 2020

Strict regulatory limitations, non-proliferation accords, a lack of state financing and low participation have hurt the U.S.’ influence over the global nuclear power industry, but new...

Environmentalists call for Indian Point to stay open; mine extends production suspension

Apr 28, 2020

Our pick of the latest nuclear power news you need to know

IAEA turns focus on SMR economics in new study

Apr 15, 2020

An International Atomic Agency’s (IAEA) project, due to begin at the end of this year, will focus on deployment models, costing, financing and broader economic issues related to small...

VTT aims for simple, safe, and cheap in its district heating SMR design

Mar 31, 2020

A simplified design, low operating temperatures and low operating pressures, and fewer moving parts means using a small modular reactor (SMR) to solely power district heating will face...

US-Canada licensing of GE Hitachi SMR set to open doors worldwide

Mar 18, 2020

General Electric Hitachi’s simultaneous push in the United States and Canada to licence its BWRX-300 small modular reactor (SMR) will open doors worldwide, company heads told Nuclear...

Regulatory cooperation brings reactor design review gains

Jan 30, 2020

NuScale and Terrestrial Energy expect more efficient design review process due to 'alignment' between US and Canadian regulators.

Oklo pilots streamlined application process for micro reactor design

Jan 9, 2020

Startup says working with US regulator signals fresh approach to SMR and MMR disruptors.